I’m Back

Well, I suppose it’s time to get this party started. After a brief hiatus and a change of identity, I’m back. More anonymous than before, I’ve hated to leave behind some of the things from the old blog.

The topics will be much the same – Anglo-American political and social interests, reflections on personal events, and some spiritual and theological reflections from an Eastern Orthodox perspective.

The new moniker comes from the middle names of two great-grandfathers (or the first names of a great-great-great-grandfather and a great-great-grandfather), and something my parents said they considered naming me.

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6 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Margi Says:

    I’m beginning to feel less bad about my own blog-hopping now 😉

    Good luck with the anonimity. [edited] was a cool name for a blog but a bit of a giveaway combined with a couple of other things I guess.

  2. DebD Says:

    welcome back.

  3. greg Says:

    Good to see you again, old friend. Things are a little hectic on this side of the pond, but I’ll be around.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Welcome back, Sol !

  5. not-so-anon Says:

    Welcome back. I’m not so concerned about anonymity (using this name and leaving out my URL out of respect to your desires), but in the future I may find it more desirous. Here’s hoping I won’t. It is a shame to lose as much content as you did.

  6. sol Says:

    You misunderstood. You can use your name and URL in comments. I just don’t want to be added to blogrolls just yet.

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