In my blogging hiatus, the Government has managed to screw things up in monumental ways. They’ve realised that the money they loaned Northern Rock bank to bail it out will almost certainly never come back. This means that everyone in the UK has paid £900 each to keep it afloat long enough for another company to come in a take it and the taxpayer money.

Then they lost the records of 25,000,000 people – half the UK population. Not just any records. Bank records and everything needed for identity theft. And we I say lost, I don’t mean accidentally erased. I mean put them all on CDs and sent them 2nd class in the post and they got lost. This is the same government that is going to make everyone have ID cards and promises, “Your information is safe with us.”

Of course it isn’t just the loss of the data. On top of that the Government first delayed saying anything, and when they did, they were economical with the truth. They knew the data was missing three weeks before they finally decided to tell anyone. Then they blamed it on a junior civil servant. Email evidence now shows that senior officials authorised the transfer of the imformation on the discs. It has also come to light that the Government didn’t want to spend a small amount to strip the sensitive information before sending it.

Gordon Brown was Chancellor for 10 years and took credit for much of the positive economic climate. Now as Prime Minster, things were already starting to head downhill before the fiascos of incompetence started. Had he called a snap election, he had a good chance of winning. Now that the election has been delayed for a couple of years, it could be a very bumpy ride, but maybe the end is in sight.


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