Islamic Savages

Gillian Gibbons is now closer to getting a good beating for naming a teddy after the False Prophet Muhammad. She’s now been officially charged with insulting religion, inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs.

If the Sudanese government do not effect the release of Ms Gibbon, the British government should simply sever diplomatic relations with Khartoum. We have no business doing business with them.

As the BBC has reported:

Sudan’s top clerics have called for the full measure of the law to be used against Mrs Gibbons and labelled her actions part of a Western plot against Islam.

“What has happened was not haphazard or carried out of ignorance, but rather a calculated action and another ring in the circles of plotting against Islam,” the Sudanese Assembly of the Ulemas said a statement.

The semi-official clerics body is considered relatively moderate and is believed to have the ear of the Sudanese government.

That’s right. The clerics calling for the maximum sentence and seeing this primary school teacher as part of the “Western plot against Islam” are moderates. Think of what the radical clerics want.

Sadly, there is not even a plot against Islam. No one seems to be bothered to help the Christian south of Sudan overthrow the Muslim north, or even protect them. The Muslims have committed unspeakable atrocities against the Christians, slaughtering them for refusing to convert to Islam. They gang-rape women and cut off their breasts. Others they sell into slavery. All cultures and religions are equal, you know.

3 Responses to “Islamic Savages”

  1. jonolan Says:

    It’s more accurately “Sudanese Savages.” Islam is just the vehicle being exploited as a means to savagery. Sub-Saharan Africa has a long history of extremely violent behavior under the guise of a multitude of reasons.

  2. sol Says:

    This is more widespread that Sudan. Islam is the vehicle being used throughout the Islamic world.

  3. Only One Option « Solomon Hezekiah Says:

    […] One Option November 29, 2007 — sol In my previous post, I wondered what Islamist radicals would want to do with Gillian Gibbons, since the moderates […]

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