Ron Paul Baseline Support

The thing about moving to a new neighbourhood is that you have to make new friends. Sure, some of your old friends come with you, but others fall by the wayside – and if your are in the blogging witness protection program that’s not a bad thing – so the stats barely register.

But what’s the blogosphere coming to when you can mention Ron Paul and have no one respond to the tag or search? It has always been a good jump-start topic, drawing in the curious supporters of Dr No. Is his bump in New Hampshire above Fred Thompson enough? Fred’s on the slide and Ron’s up to 8% in a CNN poll from last week. But Romney, whose Massachusetts proximity certainly adds favourite son pull is at 33%.

I hope I’m not becoming less interested in the Thompson because of the MSM. It seems to me that he is floundering under his own lethargy. Maybe I have it wrong. It’s one thing to talk as slow as molassess. It is another to move that way.

I’ve always been interesting in Ron Paul more as a novelty. I think he is a good Congressman. I appreciate his ideas, but I don’t agree with enough of them, nor do I think his views will translate well enough outside his hardcore following.


3 Responses to “Ron Paul Baseline Support”

  1. Michael Says:

    I recently did some investigation for the first time, and found that I rather like him. In fact, I probably agree with him more than any other candidate. He’s that rarest of finds, a pro-life libertarian (small l). But I suppose he has too much internal consistency in his views to make it in national politics.

  2. Michael Says:

    PS, maybe young fatherhood & husbandhood are taking their toll on Fred.

  3. Jesse Says:

    “nor do I think his views will translate well enough outside his hardcore following.”

    I think this is indicative of the political trend that we have been in for many decades now. Dr Paul has described himself as a Taft Republican. That was quite a while ago and hard for people to wrap their heads around since those ideas aren’t mainstream. But as Paul has said in the debate, one of the things that needs to be addressed before answering any of these questions is, “what is the proper role of government?”

    I agree that question needs to be debated again. The direction this country has been going really forces us to rethink our convictions about certain topics. Take a step back and look at what we are doing collectively. If we can’t keep a clean house, how can we expect to make a positive impact elsewhere in the world. We’re burning the candle at both ends.

    Although you are correct that “Paul’s views” don’t all carry over to a majority, I think that the priorities are what is important. This is why he carries over to both parties as well as the independents, and of course the libertarians. (Though there is heated debate among that party as well)

    So in this sense, in his rhetoric and his voting record, Paul is much more like Reagan, except that Paul has the record to prove that he will do what he says.

    President Bush was elected twice. I don’t think that his personal views are held by a majority of the populace, but that didn’t stop him!

    It’s only a matter of time before the GOP has to decide between Paul and Hillary. Maybe some in the Party will find that unfortunate, but such is the nature of a democratic action like voting.

    It’s time to restore the republic, restore habeus corpus, restore the dollar, the 4th and 10 ammendments, and recommit ouselves to free trade, individual liberty, and make congress write a consitutional bill that President Paul won’t have to veto!
    To say the least!

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