I can understand why Judge Robert Restaino snapped. He has, pending appeal, lost his seat on the bench.

When a mobile phone went off in his courtroom, nobody owned up. One of the 46 people present defied his authority. Restaino put them all in detention – jail – until the culprit could be found. He set the bail at $1,500 and when 14 people could not come up with the cash, they were shackled and transported to the county jail. The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct didn’t like that.

I’m not saying he did the right thing. I just understand. During my years of teaching school, I have been shocked at the increasing level of open defiance. I have been in situations where children set off mobiles and then play “catch me if you can”. I have been in a school where even when they are caught, they could simply refuse to hand over the phone and there was no backup from senior management.

It goes beyond phones. I have frequently had children simply openly refuse to follow direct instructions, both in and out of the classroom. I have had them do exactly what they have been explicitly told not to do.

I would bet that whoever defied Judge Restaino was educated in the enlightened pedagogy of negotiation. It’s no longer about unquestioned obedience. Obedience is based in fear. There has to be a sufficient consequence for disobedience to make it an undesirable course of action. But the consequences that haven’t been stripped out by the law have been brainwashed out by liberal educational theory.

As a result, each year there are more and more children who no longer recognise that they are children. As a further result, each year there are more emerging adults who have no idea that they cannot simply do as they please. They are willing to defy the direct order of a court to the point of allowing 45 other people to be punished for their actions. Complete selfishness. We live in the emerging generation of the incorrigible spoiled brat.

I don’t know if Judge Restaino ever found his culprit. It seems that a little detective work would have solved the problem. Just divest every person in the courtroom of their property and go through all the phones until the call registers gave away the offender. Then, since contempt of court requires no burden of proof, it would be a simple matter to put the offender in the pokey for a couple of weeks. Of course New York may have some sort of liberal rules that don’t allow that. It’s their own fault.

2 Responses to “Defiance”

  1. Jake Says:

    I totaly cant believe that you agree with this guy. you know its people like you who are the problem with the world today, the power hungry are always the first to judge. why dont you take a look at what really happend. i will take it slowly to make sure you understand. put yourself in the position of the offender. some person (male or female, ages 16-65) you have already been through the systems. the judge was taking cases that day to put assult offenders on a monitoring list. chances are theese people have already been to jail, and note they probobly didnt like it. ive done two hours on a false charge, that was bad enough. this judge also has had an impecable record until this date. won his district judge position in a landslide. you are really talking about a person who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. now with the judge blatently pissed off and searching to put someone in jail on contempt of court. i am seriously doubting that you, the small person that you are, and i mean moraly small, would have owned up to it. really be honest with yourself just for this second in your whole life. if owning up to it meant doing 2 weeks in jail, which i really cant imagine, in a Country based on “innocent until proven guilty”, now we are realizing the error of our ways, i can see how you could misinterpret that seeing how our U.S. taxpayer funded pulic school system is not at all run in such a manner. now back to Mr. Restaino, see i almost forgot he wasnt a judge anymore, On this day he arrested 46 people 14 of which were unable to post bond, were cuffed, and transported to the county jail, where they all sat and waited for their families to pay $250 non-refundable U.S.D. bond. not only were theese people arrested, this man Mr. Restaino did search all of the 46 in court that day, and lets not stop there he also recalled all of thhe cases that he had already finished with and questioned thoose people and arrested them and searched them. Still sound pretty reasonable. yes the man did snap. but unlike being a teacher – over payed baby sitter, a judge takes an oath, he swore before your god that he would not let a wrong side of the bed day go straight to hell. which from my experience they do anyways. i am really glad that finaly in this nation, just for once, justice actualy was served. it would do a lot of good if our judges, police officers, teachers, postal workers, insert random government job, theese are the people who need to be kept in check. now for the big picture. are you ready? guess what?
    You dont like kids. come out of the closet, tell all of those little a******s that you just wish they would line up one by one so you could bash their heads in with a rock. little worthless liberal punks. give out that ever so righteous judgement, its well deserved after this many years. Go out with a bang for god sake. at least you wont be forgotten, go out like Mr.Restaino, because i tell you what. i sure as hell have forgotten every republican, one way to heaven, propoganda bullshit teachers that ever tried to brainwash me.

    there is another alternative. you could print this comment, take it to your class and ask them who wrote it.
    but then they would lose any respect for you because guess what they are enlighted. if you took it to your class they would see you for what you really are, ignorant,
    then they wouldnt listen to you. but then again how would that make anything different. Im just betting you dont have the balls.

    one more idea. just become a cop. then you can shoot tazer guns at any innocent civilian and just say you thought you saw a knife.

    p.s. your vocabulary does not make you sound smart it makes you sound arrogant. ohhhh thats right you probobly are arrogant.

    dont send me any e-malis about grammar. you would just make yourself look like more of an ass.

    love jake

  2. sol Says:

    Jake, even though you are an ignorant jerk, I’m leaving your comment here for the humour value. Many of my readers (apart from occasional interlopers such as yourself) will be amused.

    Don’t worry, I’m not going to email you about anything. Why would I want you to learn how to spell or use grammar? Yours is befitting your character. Your bottom-up attempt a condescension is hilarious (you probably spelled that “hulerius”).

    Since I used to be a criminal defense lawyer before I became an overpaid babysitter, I do know a little bit about offenders and judges.

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