Playing In Tune

Sure, we’d all like to see world peace and an end to world hunger, but some nearly as remarkable has been been unveiled today: the self-tuning guitar.

Tuning is a ubiquitous problem for guitiarists, especially for those who change strings frequently. I used to change strings a day or so ahead of a show, just so they wouldn’t go all stretchy on my at an inopportune time. Even then, I often only had one guitar and if something went awry, it was particularly awkward to try and fill those moments with meaningful banter while at the same time getting the pitch just right.

But for those playing on an every day basis, there’s no luxury of time between stringing and playing, though there is usually the option of changing guitars and having a guitar tech fix the problem.  Now for those who don’t mind playing a Gibson, this can be a non-issue.

Personally, I’ve never be a Gibson man, and I’m even less likely to be one now, especially as the self-tuning feature adds $900 to a $2,500 guitar. The only time I strapped on a Les Paul, it was way too heavy in more than just price. No, I’m a Strat man and I’m sure that Gibson have patented the technology to keep it out of the hands of rivals.

I’m sure it will be even longer before it’s available for acoustic guitars, and a 12-string will offer a particular challenge. However, technology is a wonderful thing and now that the breakthrough has been made, advances can’t be far behind. Perhaps one day the world will all sing in harmony. Or at least the guitars will all play in tune.


3 Responses to “Playing In Tune”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    DD3 has blown her birthday money on an acoustic guitar.

    Rolls eyes, as no one in the house can play guitar so we can’t teach her anything to help.!!!

    Is it possible to teach yourself from books and dvds, or is it best to get her lessons from a tutor ?

    She just wants to be able to strum along , not play classical guitar.

  2. sol Says:

    I would get lessons. It helps to get immediate feedback and someone who can say, “No move that finger over here and press real hard and try not to touch that other string.” Strumming along is not as easy as it seems. I say this as someone who has played guitar for nearly 28 years and has taught guitar to children and adults.

    Once the basics are mastered, the acoustic guitar can provide hours of fun and entertainment, as well as help develop certain pathways and intelligences in the brain.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you !
    We will look for a tutor for her after Christmas.

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