East Meets West

Even though I have issues with the Moscow Patriarchate, I am glad to learn that there has been another step in improving relations between Moscow and Rome.

Metropolitan Kirill met with Pope Benedict at the Vatican last Friday, according to a report from the Ecumenical New Service. Kirill is head of the External Relations department of the Patriarchate. The two first met soon after Benedict’s enthronement. This further meeting and other developments show an ease in tensions and help pave the way for Patriarch Alexei and the Pope to get together for the first time, perhaps as early as 2009.

I don’t expect a straightforward path to the re-unification if the Church, but it is important for the Church to present a united front against sprit of the age.

At least Kirill is actually dealing with people outside of the Patriarchate. Not so long ago, Kirill was dealing with the matters of the Russian diocese in the UK because we were considered “external”. That’s one of the reasons we are no longer a part of the Russian diocese and patriarchate.