Just Like It Sounds

Last night the wife and I were shopping as saw that a local supermarket had whole salmon for £10. The sign on the fish counter said “Whole salmon – £10. Place your order now.” This fit into the wife’s menu for Boxing Day.

The girl behind at the counter, a product of the British education system and undoubtedly with a GCSE in English, took our order. When we told her what we wanted she dutifully wrote in the order book, “Hole Samon”. We walked away shaking our heads.


4 Responses to “Just Like It Sounds”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Obviously she wasn’t US-“educated” else she’d have written down “Hole Samun”.

    There’s a local school when only 17% of the 5th graders passed the science portion of the ISTEP achievement test. And this is with a curriculum that TEACHES the test…

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I despair.
    Goodness only knows what her maths skills are like, if that is the ability in English………

  3. sol Says:

    She also proved that a problem I see every day in school does not go away. The words “Whole salmon” were right in front of her. Almost daily I mark essays or tasks in exercise books where certain key words are printed in the question – or in one case, the whole exam was open book – and they can’t even copy out the correct spelling.

  4. Michael Says:

    I used to grade the ISTEP, which was a “Wayne’s World” type of experience – we laughed, we cried, we hurled. The gap between the best and worst was tragic. Sometimes we would receive a wave of exams which bore little resemblance to recognizable language. And we could only give grades of 1 to 4. Zero was not an option.

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