Hyperbole on the Stump

John Edwards campaigning in Iowa:

“We have so much good to do because we stand on the shoulders of our parents and grandparents and twenty generations who came before us who made absolutely certain that they gave us a better life.”

Twenty generations? John Edwards knows all of his ancestors back twenty generations? I do quite a bit of genealogy and I can trace back to a handful of ancestors as far as ten generations, and two back eleven which takes me back about 500 years. I know nothing of the character of most of these people beyond my great-great-grandparents. So everyone who came before Edwards and his audience, and by extrapolation all Americans he wants to elect him, going back 1000 years or so made absolutely certain they gave the present generation a better life?

I think he should stick with parents and grandparents, which while not universally true as there are certainly a number of these who have been scoundrels, at least makes a bit more sense.

2 Responses to “Hyperbole on the Stump”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    That’s as bad as Mike Huckabee saying “The next ten years are going see more changes than the last ten CENTURIES…”

    That could be a good thing, could be a bad thing.
    And it brings to mind another long-ago campaign promise:
    “Give me five years, and you will not recognize Nazi Socialist Germany”-A. Schikelgruber

    THAT one came true, especially for the folks in Cologne and Dresden…

  2. sol Says:

    I wish Huckabee hadn’t used most of Edward’s stump speech in his victory speech, complete with reference to the shoulders of parents and grandparents – but at least he left out the 20 generations.

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