Paper Everywhere

The Year 11 reports are printed. I was late home tonight because after I dislodged some paper from my printer, it refused to work. This happened just after the computer tech went home and I couldn’t figure out how to network to a different printer. So I fiddled and fiddled with it, until for no apparent reason, it decided to start printing again.

I have doubts as to how many parents are actually going to read my reports. After all, if parents took my subject more seriously, some of the kids probably would, too. But no matter, reports are what we write.

We were told on our INSET day that PSE (Personal and Social Education) is moving toward an assessed model. Since we all teach PSE to our forms, there was a general outcry about more marking, especially marking that is very dubious in value. But everybody seemed to agree that if there was paperwork to be done, the Government would find more of it for us to do. We are an “eco school”, but even the students openly wonder how this can be when we go through so much paper. And every piece of it goes across a teacher’s desk.

Then there’s the post. Every day I get anything from a few to a stack of offers for every possible resource or course. Sometimes I get the same thing twice on the same day. It all goes in the bin.

I try to re-use worksheets and handouts. Nonetheless, my copies are slowly destroyed as they get used by three or four sets of pupils, and they supply has to be continually replenished.

My recycling bin is in constant overflow. But not with reports. Those end up in someone else’s bin.

3 Responses to “Paper Everywhere”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    How can you assess PSE ? Curious minds want to know !

    The government now wants interested parents to be able to access daily reports on their offspring’s behaviour, truancy etc online in the future – so perhaps there won’t be quite so much paper used but an exponential amount of work involved…..;jsessionid=XHKELVGNCYQ2XQFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2008/01/09/nonline109.xml

  2. sol Says:

    My previous school was putting that system in place when I left and I think my new school has aspiratons toward this kind of access to information. I think it is a good thing, as long as teachers and heads of year are honest about behaviour, rather than writing everything with a positive spin that never really gets to the point, as with most report writing.

    This can actually be less admin if set up properly, so that the system is online on the desk all the time and a click away from jotting a quick note into a student’s file by clicking on their name in a register. This can be done in real time during a lesson. It can also pull up relevant information (behavioural issues, family issues, etc) which may have immediate relevance to a teacher’s response to behaviour, rather than trying to remember which kid has which emotional and psychological baggage.

    Truancy is immediately reportable if the registers on taken online, which saves a lot of admin for both teachers (picking up the paper register and returning it) and office staff (picking up the registers and running them through the optical reader and replacing them in the folders and returning them to where they are filed).

    We never did find out how you assess PSE. We just learned all the reasons while it is difficult to assess and all the shortcomings of any method anyone can think of. But the Government doesn’t believe that teachers have actually done anything or that students have actually learned anything, unless it can be proven on paper.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Our school’s register is taken online, along with who has Dinners “Cinio” or Packed lunch “Brechdanau”.

    Our head’s ASBO book of offenders has now been replaced by an online system (accessible by him and the Deputy Head) so, when children who have been bullied are interviewed (in the presence of the parent, Head, and Deputy), the interview is recorded as well as notes/plan of action made which the parent agrees with.
    Seems to be working well.

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