Getting Out of Hot Water (and Hopeful Back In)

I haven’t had a bath for days. And no, we don’t have a shower. I got the most recent bath in our house, because the boiler broke just after I had mine on Wednesday morning. I don’t stink, thanks to the kettle and the washing up bowl from the sink.

Fortunately the radiator side of the boiler still works, so the house is warm. If that wasn’t working, things would be much worse.

Until now, I didn’t realised how expensive boilers are or how expensive they are to repair. That’s when you can find someone to fix it. The wife began to ring around to find an repairman and everyone was either not taking on new customers or couldn’t get to it for days and days. Because I’m disabled, we are part of a Government scheme to maintain the boiler. When the wife rang them, they said they don’t do or arrange repairs and there is a six-month waiting list for maintenance. Not a lot of use there.

She finally had to call British Gas, even though we have become accustomed to being screwed by them for bills we don’t owe, since we aren’t their gas customer. They promised to send someone to fix it on Thursday, but only if we agreed to a year-long maintenance contract on a monthly payment. Their man showed up but had to order a part. Someone else was supposed to install it today. He was told to ring first, because the wife would be in all day, except for the school run.

Well, you know how this story goes. He didn’t ring and he showed up during the school run. And he wouldn’t come back. The wife called British Gas and complained, but they wouldn’t budge. So now it’s tomorrow. (Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re only a day away.)


4 Responses to “Getting Out of Hot Water (and Hopeful Back In)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    If ever you find a good plumber, stick to him like glue !

    We are lucky as one of Dd3`s schoolfriend’s father is an extremely good plumber who charges very reasonable prices. He is one of that rare breed, a gentleman who **doesn’t ** believe in ripping people off.
    Consequently he does work for our whole family 🙂

    I hope you get your hot water back very soon !

  2. sol Says:

    We have a good plumber like that. We tried him first. Unfortunately, he isn’t CORGI and can’t do boilers.

    We finally got the hot water back on today, thanks to a surly young boy they sent out who apparenlty (because I was upstairs and didn’t hear) spent a lot of time on the phone to his mate swearing and complaining about having to work on a Saturday and chucking thigs around. The wife had to keep turning the telly up, so the kids couldn’t hear him. He finally had to go get someone to help him because he couldn’t do the job, then they scuppered off leaving the dishwasher (which they had to move to get to water valves) in the middle of the floor.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    I’m so glad I can deal with most of my own plumbing problems, and what I can’t do, the landlord takes care of very quickly. (I’ve lived here over 9 years, never have had the police out, pay my rent promptly, and have needed only a new water heater… )

  4. Christopher Watson Says:

    I hate how some plumbers dont seem to care about the customer. Me and my father run our own business and always make sure we call the customer before visiting to make sure they are home, and we also have a policy of never swearing (along with no tattoos, being polite and helpful, and taking care around the customers home)

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