A1 started learning to play chess today. After checkers, chess is a little more complicated, but he slowly digested all of the information about what all the pieces are called and how they move.

Being impatient, he wanted to get started playing as quickly as possible. He does not have the ability to think ahead, so I tried not to think ahead and bring about his defeat as slowly as possible so he didn’t get discouraged. Since he was still learning  the pieces, there was no way he could put together the moves for a checkmate, so it had to end somehow.

Hopefully he will stick with it. If he can start thinking ahead, chess will develop his mental skills. It’s also easier for me to interact that way. I don’t do very well as a lot of the types play that entertains the under-6’s. I have trouble getting down on the floor and back up again. The manchild and I have played table football, though he hasn’t seemed interested in it for a while and the the wife took it down to make space for my parents to stay in his room at Christmas.

I hope he picks it up quickly because I’m also not very good at throwing games.  I have trouble pretending to play. I can be impatient, too.


One Response to “Chess”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Chess I do quite like, though I am not very keen on “board” games as a rule.
    Monoploy and Cluedo bore me to tears when I played them with the older children, though I do like Trivial Pursuit, being possessed of enormous amounts of trivia 🙂

    All we need now is Ortho-Trivial Pursuit and I will be very happy , LOL.

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