No End to Mixed Sex Wards

It is no surprise that if you put women and men together in the same hospital ward, there might be some cases of assault. And of course there’s the whole embarrassment factor when it comes to certain bedside medical procedures or discussions. But if you are in the US, you are wondering why anyone would be talking about same sex wards. In fact, you may even be wondering what a ward is. (It’s like having a shared room, only with 5-7 other people.)

The Labour government promised it was going to eliminate mixed-sex wards in the National Health Service. It has now abadoned that promise.  Health minister Lord Darzi has now admitted it is “an aspiration that cannot be met”. That’s the reality of socialised medicine.

All the Democrats running for president are promoting socialised medicine in one form or another. I just wanted you to know what you have to look forward to.

4 Responses to “No End to Mixed Sex Wards”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    With this culture’s screwed-up ideas about sex (to look at the TeeeVee, you’d think we’re a nation of Libertines, but we’re really neurotic spastics) I seriously doubt we will have to worry about mixed-sex wards. Besides, if you’re in an HMO, they bundle you up and send you home as soon as the seepage in the dressing fades from bright red to pink, anyway.
    I LOVE to hear the anti-reform crowd over here try to scare us by using Canada or the UK as an example of how bad it will be. I’ll take any NHS horror story and match and raise it with a HMO horror story.
    “You won’t get to choose your OWN DOCTOR under ‘Hillarycare’!” “You’ll have to wait 6 months to get into the ER to get that cut from the kitchen accident sewed-up!”
    Um, yeah, and as a member of a HMO, I have what, 10 “in-network” providers to choose from? Well, after all, they didn’t say that I’d have a huge choice, now, did they?
    And we have people dieing in Emergency Rooms because they’re over-crowded because when you have no health coverage at all (the norm for the “Burger Flipper” staratum) the ER becomes your health care provider.
    Yep, Free Enterprise, best system in the world. That is, if you benefit most from Bush’s “Tax Cutz fer Th’ Rich”(tm)
    One of the reasons that I’m not planning on retiring from the workforce is that right now, I’d have to come up with $600 a month out of pocket for my retiree’s health scheme. It’s anybody’s guess how much that will be in another 2o years when I hit the “official” retirement age of 70, which will probably have increased to 75 or 80 by then.
    I’m not shocked about that, when the age was 65, people only lived till about 70 at the most. Now they live well into their 80’s, so why shouldn’t they continue to toil until 3 years before Death?
    In this country, most of the propaganda against some kind of single-payer healthcare reform is funded by The Industry, especially “Pharma”, who is now seeing a revolt in that many clinics are refusing the clipboards, pens, pizzas and other “freebies” the salespeople hand out like trinkets at Mardi Gras.
    After all, Sol, I seem to recall you saying once that for all its faults, you liked your NHS-supplied leg better than the third-hand one you had to make do with out of pocket in the wonderful land of for-profit health care… 😉

  2. sol Says:


    I had a good leg in Indiana. The prostethics company was one of the best around. It was just expensive, as were the sleeves and stump socks.

    My NHS legs have been good too. As good as the American leg. Thanks to the post code lottery here, I get good care through the limb clinic that visits the Shire once a week most weeks from Birmingham. I can get a new socket (or as much of a leg as I need) built every year. Now that I work outside the Shire, I have to take a half-day off of work if I need to see my prosthetist.

    On the other hand, when I was hospitalised with a severe bowel attack in May of ’02, it took me until March of ’03 to see a specialist and get a barium highlighted x-ray. They never really found out what the problem was and just said “Oh, well.”

    It was only because I had another unrelated problem that I got referred for a colonoscopy. And it was only because they found a couple of polyps that I can have another one in five years. There is no such thing as preventative medicine here.

    That’s why the UK is a leader in cancer deaths.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    Don’t worry, I think the US is trying to catch up with the UK.
    Call me paranoid, but I think the current thinking in our For-Profit healthcare industry is “Does the proposed expense of this treatment regimen exceed the client’s death benefit?”
    Amazing! MBA accountants who are medical experts, too.

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