Embryology Agenda

Embryologists may have missed this fact: there are already plenty of sperm and egg cells in the world today. The potential is there for creating enough babies for everyone, using a method that has been available since the beginning of the human species.

There is no need to create sperm cells from female embryonic stems cells or from male bone marrow cells. There is only one reason for doing this. All of the research and attempts to change legislation are to make it possible for gay or lesbian couples to have children that are genetically related to both partners.

It is ultimate attempt to thumb the nose at God – the ultimate humanism. It is mankind saying, “We will make our own creation. We will do it by our own rules.” It is the consumate rejection of the natural order. It is the crime against nature.

At the same time that new ways are being developed to create life, 200,000 abortions are being recorded each year in the UK. That number does not include those resulting from the “morning after” pill. There would be plenty of babies available for adoption by childless couples – even gay and lesbian couples favoured under current legislation – if they weren’t all being killed.

4 Responses to “Embryology Agenda”

  1. womantowomancbe Says:

    A hearty “Amen!” from across The Pond.


  2. sol Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Kathy. I hope you don’t mind that I edited your comment to make your blog address a working link.

  3. womantowomancbe Says:

    Thanks for making it link! Fairly new to blogging, so didn’t know how to do that myself.


  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Part of the problem is that many couples – heterosexual and homosexual alike – want “their” biological child, not “someone else’s”. Hence the desire for genetic input into the child, however that can be achieved, no matter how bizarre the technique may be.

    It is all desperately sad.

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