Free Day

I got to school this morning to discover that the power in the town was out with no expectation that it would return for several hours. Fortunately, we are not expected to teach in darkness. We had to stay long enough for the kids to get back on the buses and disperse into the countryside.

Today it is about 8°C (46F) with intermittent rain. The forecast for tomorrow is a high of 5°C with snow. Hopefully it will be enough snow to merit another free day. There are suggestions of 4 inches in low lying areas and 8 inches on higher ground. However, it is possible that the snow will be delayed until after everyone commutes into school before it dumps down, making it difficult to get home. So I’m hoping for early snow or no snow at all.

2 Responses to “Free Day”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    did you get any snow at all ?
    We did not see a single flake; in fact, it was gloriously sunny for the vast majority of the day.
    We are not amused 😦

  2. sol Says:

    Not a flake. Not a flake. Vile, vile children in both lessons this afternoon, which sucked the joy out of any sunshine, and not a flake o’ snow.

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