What If . . .?

Philippa’s response to the 123 tag was from a book about Richard Nixon. It got me thinking about the Nixon presidency.

If there had been no Watergate affair, Nixon would have served out the full second term. Even with Ford as vice-president, I have doubts that he would have run for president. And even if he had, I think Ronald Reagan would have given him much more of a run for his money in the primaries.

Though we can never say with any certainty what would have happened if key historical event had not occurred, I think Reagan probably would have gotten the nomination. If the Democrats didn’t have anyone better than Jimmy Carter in 1976, and I can’t think of anyone better they could have had, Reagan probably would have won.

Had Reagan won in 1976 and 1980, this may have had a profound effect on the world. Soviet Communism wasn’t ready to  collapse by 1984. Would his successor – again, probably a Republican – have presented the same iron will that helped precipitate the events of 1989-90? Or were the agitations within eastern Europe enough with the backing of the American aadministration? Or would the system have collapsed under it’s own weight anyway?

Perhaps the bungled burglary at the Watergate triggered events that led to the freedom of eastern Europe today.

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