Left to Die

If someone’s going to go an kill a baby in the womb, they ought to at least do it properly. The NHS apparently isn’t do such a good job.

That doesn’t mean these babies born alive are allowed to continue living.  They are just left to die. Sounds particularly barbaric, doesn’t it?


One Response to “Left to Die”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I was particularly appalled by the case of the baby who survived for *ten hours* before finally succumbing to the death planned for it.
    I hope that these poor little mites were at least cuddled by some one who cared about them before they died, though I fear that is a vain hope.

    One of my midwifery colleagues used to sit with women from the antenatal clinic who had chosen to abort – due to severe fetal abnormality – at ~ 20 weeks gestation , and she admitted to me that in many cases, these babies were indeed born alive and moving, although due to extreme prematurity, they survived only a few minutes.

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