BBC Says Huckabee Won By Bribery

I’m watching the BBC News coverage of Super Tuesday. As usual, it is all reported with an air of British superiority – or more exactly that of American inferiority.

Washington correspondent Matt Frei is anchoring the coverage of what he calls “an absurdly byzantine electoral system”.

Occupying a spot on his commentating panel, there is no surprise seeing British-born naturalised American Christopher Hitchens. His view of the Iowa caucues: “It’s not illegal to offer bribes and inducements to elect and that’s what made Mike Huckabee a front-runner.”

Yeah, that’s it. Mike Huckabee threw his millions and millions (that he doesn’t have) into bribes for Iowa GOP caucus voters.

But it’s not just Huckabee that’s the recipient of Hitchen’s ire. He was also happy into inform us that if John McCain gets the nomination, he will campaign for any Democrat.

That’s the sort of unbiased coverage we get here.

3 Responses to “BBC Says Huckabee Won By Bribery”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Sounds like Auntie Beeb is taking some lessons from our “gang of Five” who own all the media outlets in this country.

    But it’s not all objectivity here, either. Ann Coulter claims she’ll vote for Hillary if the GOP picks McCain, Gush Pfleghmball-uh, I mean Rush Limbaugh makes a comment about Lyndsay Graham risking some sort of “anal disease” because he’s so close behind McCain…
    I wonder how much money Romney paid these AM talk radio “pundits” to go into such histrionics?

    College students still support Ru Paul-uh, I mean Ron, not understanding or caring that most of this XRW freaks money comes from such wonderful social organizations asa Stormwatch, the KKK, and the Michigan Militia…

  2. sol Says:

    I’m not familiar with the initials “XRW”, but I would suggest that identifying the sources of contributions is rather speculative. I’m also not familiar with Stormwatch. When I Googled it, all I came up with that didn’t involve weather was comic book series and an album by Jethro Tull.

    I can understand the Michigan Militia types being pro-Paul because he is anti-government and most certainly anti-internationalist. This doesn’t mean that these views are wrong, just because they held by people who also have some wrong ideas. After all, the KKK do some charitable work, but that doesn’t make all charitable work racist.

    As much money as he has, I don’t think Romney paid off Coulter or Limbaugh. They are known for expressing strident views without the need for sponsorship.

    If the Beeb didn’t make so much of it’s claim to impartiality, their behaviour wouldn’t be so outrageous. Last night I finally switched over to SkyNews, which, like FOX, is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Because they are British, they weren’t particularly conservative or pro-Republican, but noticeably they did al least carry Huckabee’s speech live, while the Beeb didn’t.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    Sol, I committed a Freudian typo when I typed “Stormwatch” . Must have had Tull on my mind or something.
    The Group I was referring to is “Stormfront”, a Neo-Nazi group we have running around over here.
    And I should have typed out “extreme right-wing”, even though Paul’s a Libertarian, which IMO makes him a leech riding along on the GOP juggernaut. Now that McCain has pulled so far ahead, I figure it won’t be long before The Good Doctor bails out of the GOP and runs a Nader-esque spoiler campaign as a Libertarian or an “Independent”.

    Yes, Gush and ilk are known for their strident views, but usually those views are directed at the Clintons, Democrats, and Everything Liberal. This week, they seem to be eating their own, with these rants about what they will do if McCain gets the nomination. I especially liked El Gushbo’s bit about Graham’s “anal disease”, seeing’s how the ol’ “Truth Deflector” used a treatable, but untreated Pilodonial Cyst to avoid taking a “Rush to Excellence Tour” to Vietnam back in his younger days…

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