Anglicans (and the Government) Want Sharia For Britain

The Archbishop of Canterbury believes that Islamic Sharia is not only more appropriate in some areas of the law, but that it is inevitable that it will be incorporated into British law. Rowan Williams says the UK has to “face up to the fact” that some citizens do not relate to the British legal system.

Dr Williams said the idea that “there’s one law for everybody”under a single sovereign was “a bit of a danger”. A danger to whom? To those who opposed Sharia? He says that officially incorporating Sharia law would improve community relations. Now there’s accommodation.

But wait a minute. Dr Williams is a little behind the times. As I mentioned last week, ministers (without the consent of Parliament) have already legalised polygamy. This has been done specifically to accomodate Islamic law, which allows for up to four wives. So if they are going to allow for Sharia marriage, why not Sharia divorce?

Thus, Gordon Brown’s response to Dr Williams that he “believes that British laws should be based on British values” is not paticularly credible. Rather he’s saying what non-Muslim voters want to hear, while doing what Muslims want him to do.

UPDATE: A lady in the Question Time audience raised the same point about the legalised polygamy, and the Cabinet Minister on the panel was unaware of this and had not even read newspaper reports. It was the Opposition shadow minister who was aware that this additional benefits arrangement for husbands with more than one wife was a coordinated effort between four Government departments – departments represented at the Cabinet table.

5 Responses to “Anglicans (and the Government) Want Sharia For Britain”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    We also have people in the US who “don’t relate” to our legal system.
    We generally call them “Convicts” or “Prison Inmates”.
    Never mind the polygamy, what about the Page Three girls? Burkhas on the Beach…

  2. sol Says:

    John, I always knew you’d be interesting in the more refined parts of British culture.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    Aww, I’m so predictable…
    I’ll let Whitman sing about electrics, me I sing the Body Voluptuous…

    Seriously, though, they could apply the same faulty argument over here to “Gang Culture”, Little Joey is living the Thug Life because that’s all he’s ever known.
    Do you suppose Rowan knows very little about Sharia?

  4. sol Says:

    I think he probably knows about Sharia. He’s very educated and well-informed man. I think his view is that you can allowed some aspects of Sharia and some jurisdiction of Sharia courts without accepting it all. Bascially, he wants the UK legal system to recognise the jurisdiction of Sharia courts on the civil side of the law, but not the criminal side. Thus a Sharia verdict on a property dispute or a contract disputre or a marriage would be just as binding as one under HM’s courts.

    Thus you would have the option not just of judge shopping, but of law shopping – finding a legal system that best supports the outcome you want.

  5. Steve Says:

    But in the interests of equality and non-discrimination, how about Canon Law for Christians?

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