No Cost for Lack of Conscience

Paul Sandbach should have known to keep his mouth shut. After all, he saw the 16-year-old girl punch two other men outside of a nightclub. Or maybe he thought he was made of sterner stuff. He wasn’t. So when he called her a drama queen, she knocked him to the ground. He ended up with a blood clot on this his brain and died.

Of course teenagers without consciences are nothing new here.  Even teenage girls can be thoughtless savages. I’ve seen with my own eyes.

What disturbs me – beyond the senseless death of Mr Sandbach – is that not only has this criminal remained unnamed “for legal reasons”, but she received a sentence of 30 months. That means that as long as she keeps her nose clean in kid priso, she’ll be out in a little over a year. The ground will have hardly settled over Mr Sandbach’s grave.


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