Hitler’s Educational Legacy

In 1938, Adolph Hitler made it a crime in Germany to educate children at home.

Not only has the law never been taken off the books, it is vigorously enforced. The Germans may be all apologetic about many things that happened under the Third Reich, but as the family of Melissa Busekros know, they are still happy to use stormtrooper tactics when it comes to this. The minds of young Germans belong to the State.

Today’s Observer is reporting that homeschooling families in Germany are fleeing to the UK. And if you read the article, there will be no question in your mind why. One family who fled to Britain had already had their bank account frozen and emptied and their car confiscated. It’s good to know that even though Britian is moving toward totalitarianism, it is still a place of more freedom than Germany.


3 Responses to “Hitler’s Educational Legacy”

  1. Elizabeth Says:


    You will learn what the state wants you to learn. You will believe what the state wants you to believe. You will not exhibit any dissident behaviour.

    Shouldn’t it end with the immortal statement “resistance is futile” ?

    Given Germany’s unfortunate history of totalitarian regimes, it is really rather worrying.

  2. Beckye E. Says:

    The homeschooling community in the US was alerted to Melissa’s case from the beginning, and many here wrote letters to the government appealing them to change the law and to leave Melissa and her family alone. Obviously it wasn’t effective with them. I’m so sorry to hear that so many others are being persecuted, as well. It’s really incredible to think this is happening today!

  3. Leticia Says:

    The homeschooling community in the US is under attack as California attempts to ban all homeschooling by judicial fiat, since it will never be the will of the people.
    The liberals just codified the gay agenda with 377 now, they are trying to force all children into re-education camps, er , public schools.
    Arbeit mach frei. We never learn from history do we?!

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