Textbook Agenda

I’m not suggesting that textbooks in this country are biased and driven by a political agenda, but I’m looking for another satisfactory explanation for the following definitions in a textbook I’ve been given to teach history.

Socialism: movement to make the country fully democratic, with equal rights for everyone

Left-wing: believing that society should be made more equal

Right-wing: believing that the country should be strong and that ordinary people should have little or no power

Why, how could I think that somebody (like author Andrew Boxer) has a “Left-wing good/Right-wing bad” or “Socialism good/Capitalism bad” message they are trying to get across to 14- to 16-year-olds? Of course he never comes out directly and says it. He doesn’t need to, really.

6 Responses to “Textbook Agenda”

  1. mpullen Says:

    Wow. What book is that from?

  2. frodo441 Says:

    You said yourself…the author doesn’t come out and day it…so that mean’s your paraphrasing the author…correct?
    I understand your apprehensive about giving these textbooks good marks…they’ve been shown in near history to be ladened with faulty information and overly (in my opinion) desktop published…not to mention how expensive they are…

  3. sol Says:

    The textbook is Germany 1918-1945 in the Collins Frontline History series for GCSE.

    I’m not paraphrasing the author. I took those intact from little definition boxes placed outside the body of the main text.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Text books are a racket…

    And now they’re a socialist racket.

    It never ceases to amaze me (though perhaps it should) that the very crimes and intent socialists ascribe to capitalists and conservatives are those they themselves practice with such abandon.

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