Today is the feast of my name saint, David of Wales. It seredipitously works out that it falls on a Saturday so we get to have Liturgy here in our neck of the woods.

Even though St David is my name saint, I’ve always felt a stronger affinity to his predecessor as archbishop, Dyfrig. This is for various historical reasons as well as the fact that he is from just a few miles away and places associated with his can be visited at any time. That hasn’t prevented me from making two pilgrimages to St David’s or using water from St Non’s Well (located at David’s birthplace) in the baptism of our oldest child, who also has David as a middle name.

The disappointing thing for me is that both Dyfrig and David were known for their ascetical life. This is something I hardly aspire to, not to mention ever achieve.

St David of Wales, pray to God for us!

4 Responses to “Nameday”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Many years !
    Mnogaya leta !
    Chronia Polla !

  2. debd Says:

    Happy Name Day. Many Years!

  3. Mimi Says:

    Many, Many Years!

  4. sol Says:

    Now if we could have just made it to Liturgy, everyone could have sung it to me as well. An unnamed woman claims she tried to wake me up several times, but I was not conscious until after Liturgy began. This may be because I was awoken several times by the same unnamed woman because the dog and remaining puppies were howling at an ungodly hour.

    We can’t travel to Liturgy tomorrow either, because the older unnamed child has a karate competition. He recently received his first belt.

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