No Teachers’ Day in the UK

I found out from Wikipedia that today is Teachers’ Day in Albania. In fact, many countries have a special day for recognising teachers.

The UK does not have such a day. We are not particularly set aside for respect. Rather, this country see teachers has needing lots of regulation and quality control. Most of use are told what to teach by the government, because we can’t possibly be competent professionals.

We have little power left to maintain discipline. The government has determined that many of the methods that formed useful citizens, including most members of the government, are cruel. In a classroom environment, the thing I am most aware of is avoiding proximity to any pupils. This avoids jail or lawsuits. Not that there is a recourse if they get in our face.

We are suspect, so we need hightened background checks which not only include criminal records but any allegations, hearsay or rumour that a police officer wants to put in it. We will be among the first to be biometrically tagged to the national database.

We also provide a dumping ground for people who want someone else to raise their children. Sadly, despite our best efforts, the acorn usually does not fall far from the tree. At a recent parents night, the parents of a disrepectful Year 8 pupil were instructed to use the appropriate entrance to the school. I watched as the dad (all six feet and more than 250 pounds of him) just bullied his way past a female member of staff and ignored her insistence to use the other entrance. Is it really a surprise that his son tries to treat staff the same way and sneers at them with disrepect or laughs in their face when given instructions in school?

At least those parents came to parents night. The ones who don’t are mostly the ones who need to be there. They can’t even be bothered to find out about their child’s progress or lack thereof – and they especially don’t care about how their child is negatively affecting other children’s progress. I don’t think they would particularly care to observe a Teachers’ Day.

9 Responses to “No Teachers’ Day in the UK”

  1. Trevor North Says:

    i’ve just been told by one of my chinese colleagues that September 10th is teacher’s day in China. Although it falls on a weekend this year (2011), students may bring a gift for their teacher the day before. I was asked if we have something like this in the UK and when i searched, i came across your article which confirmed my thought that we dont have such a day – shame because teachers deserve to be thanked for their contribution to society.

  2. santhosh Says:

    I was really shocked to know that UK doesn’t celebrates a day like Teacher’s Day…
    Being the roll model for many countries across the world in many aspects it was a shameful activity for UK,
    Hope UK declares one of the day in calender month as Teacher’s day for their worthy contribution to the country…
    who actually mold the children at their young age.. 🙂

  3. Free Bookmarking Sites Says:

    Who said we don’t celebrate teachers’s day in UK? We celebrate on 5 October. Your lack of knowledge about UK teachers’ day is terrible.

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