The Rod of Correction

Thanks to the young fogey for this quote from Rod Dreher which reflects my own sentiments:

I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but more of this gaggy Dear Leader stuff from Obama worshipers I have to watch, the more I appreciate Hillary Clinton’s plain old milk-curdling nastiness.

Actually, thanks to the young fogey for the link to Rod generally. I like the Orthodoxy with attitude, even with commenters who suggest that his scathing analysis of society is somehow not compatible with his Lenten fast.


One Response to “The Rod of Correction”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Oh, it’s much more fun to watch Dubya Jr. blow his stack when he denies that he said something and then the reporter shows him a copy of the “Congressional Record”…
    I’ll cut him some slack. Maybe he’s not fibbin’, maybe he just can’t remember (like Ronaldus Rex in the last half of his reign)
    I’m shocked by the general nastiness of HRC, though. If Al Gore or John Kerry had treated Dumbya as nastily, he’d been touching the brown, brown grass of home LONG ago.

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