Christians Are Just Too Happy

As Western Easter approaches, it seems the voice of disbelief has gotten louder. I don’t know if I just happen to be surfing to the wrong blogs, but especially being post-Christian seems quite fashionable. That’s not to say that never-have-believed crowd is being pushed to the side.

Andrew McKie, the Obituaries Editor of The Daily Telegraph dared to blog today “Why I believe in God“, and most of the responses are the same atheist drivel. Stuff like: “After Darwin kicked away one of the major supports of Christianity, it was downhill all the way. Because only Flat-earthers and Americans buy that Creationist/Intelligent Design crap.” You gotta love that poncy British air of superiority.

But the most ridiculous of all is, “Over time religious people will die off and nonbelief and science will triumph over ancient mythology.” The only problem is that there are more and more religious people. Christianity is growing at a far greater rate in the global south than it is dying out in western Europe. And not only do religious people far outnumber non-believers, but they also have a much higher rate of procreation.

As I commented in response on McKie’s blog, what’s actually dying is western Europe itself. At well below the replacement rate of population, nonbelief is on pace to die out pretty quick. This is because humanism has a very selfish, personal side. A significant number put off procreating until it is biologically too late and if they do it at an inconvenient time, and miss the morning-after pill, they elect to have one of the 200,000 abortions recorded in the UK each year.

The same commenter then said something even more ludicrous: “Some recent studies indicate that religious people are happier than nonbelievers. People are always happier when they are deluded because they do not realize there is a reason for them to be unhappy. Couple that with the fact that nonbelievers in the United States are marginalized and attacked by believers it should surprise no one that nonbelievers are less happy.”

That’s right. Christians are happier because they are deluded. If they knew the truth, they would be as unhappy as everyone else. What a depressing worldview. And non-believers are not just unhappy because they are not deluded. No, it is the fault of those happy Christians! Or more specifically, those happy American Christians. They are compounding the depression of nihilism already oppressing the unbelievers! Roving gangs of happy Christians attacking random unbelievers. No doubt stopping unbelievers on the street and when they can’t pass the Christian shibboleths, marginalising them right then and there.

And it would appear that according to this commenter, the impact of these American attacks is felt world-wide by non-believers, making all of them less happy. Who knew? Well, clearly not believers. They have been blissfully deluded.

4 Responses to “Christians Are Just Too Happy”

  1. Krissy Says:

    Just found your blog through Technorati. Just read this entry. I like it. Thanks for writing.

    Just sign me Krissy,
    a VERY happy (Catholic) Christian 🙂

  2. Brian Says:

    God Bless you. We are actually happy. I’d love to share though I respect the right to privacy and wouldnt want to be an attacker with my nonhumanistic delusions that man created the complexities of the universe. When did Darwin have time to make Neptune? Wow, he’ll be famous long after the world ends

  3. Ellie Says:

    what about the Christians suffering from depression? the opressed ones? the ones cutting their wrists because they can’t see the truth? the ones that if their big brother hadn’t come along side them and reminded them of the truth wouldn’t be alive?
    I was the one cutting myself and thinking suicidal thoughts. I called myself a Christian…. who are we to even say we’re Christians if we’re not even like Christ?
    I wanna know why the heck when you just type in on google the words: “why are christians so…” and the words that follow are “fake” “mean” “hypocritical” “judging”…. we’re really painting an ugly picture of Jesus to those who are on the outside looking in…
    it was cool to see one of those following words actually be “happy”… but I read this and I was like.. oh.. not such a good thing afterall……
    I’m sorry. Christ isn’t like that. His truth has been twisted and misconcepted. seems like more than ever now… I’m not fake. I don’t go around saying my life is so happy and wonderful and full of rainbows, chocolate, fluffy animals, and unicorns….
    no. Jesus, the One Christians are supposed to strive to be like, suffered. He was mocked, beaten, bruised, tortured. Jesus wept -shortest verse in the Bible. His own friend and follower lied to him and sold him for some worthless money -then later hung himself. not all Christians are nessecarily happy. but what we should do is choose to have joy in the plan God has set before us. the reason Jesus endured on the cross was because He had hope. He had hope and joy because He knew what was to come. Because God’s children worshipping, admiring, loving, and giving Him thanks for everything pleased Him.
    happiness is a blessing from God.
    sadness is a curse of ourselves.

    • sol Says:


      I trust you read more than just my headline. I was making fun of the suggestion that Christians are happy because they are deluded.

      That is not to suggest that all Christians are happy all the time, nor that some Christians do not suffer from various types and severities of mental illness.

      Overall Christians are happier because they have found peace with God and their lives demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit, including joy. Through the grace of God they experience joy even in the face of persecution, as well as the tests and trials that are part of the refining process that God uses to bring us into conformity with Christ.

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