Family Values

15-year-old Brendan Harris and 16-year-old Ryan Herbert are killers. They so brutally killed a 20-year-old girl that emergency services could not tell whether she was male or female. Her boyfriend was left for dead, but eventually came out of his coma. Harris and Herbert brutally attacked Robert Maltby and murdered Sophie Lancaster because they looked different. As reported in the Daily Mail:

Someone was heard to shout “let’s bang him” and the Harris started the orgy of violence with a flying kick to [Maltby’s] head.

The gang, described in court as “acting like a pack of wild animals”, then punched, jumped and stamped on his head until he was unconscious.

Miss Lancaster cried for them to stop as she cradled her boyfriend’s head on her lap.

Her plea went unheeded as Herbert delivered a volley kick to her face, with Harris joining in to kick and stamp on her head as she lay on the ground.

When paramedics arrived and found the couple lying side by side covered in blood, they could not tell what sex she was such was the severity of the injuries to her face.

The pattern of some footwear was still on her head. Both fell into comas but Miss Lancaster never regained consciousness and died in hospital 13 days later.

But of all of the information I read about this horrible case, the most disturbing was, “Police also revealed today that both the boys and their parents had laughed and joked throughout the court case.” On camera on the BBC Six O’Clock New the police talked about how both Brendan and his mother laughed when he was being questioned during the investigation.

Is it any surprise that these scum of the earth have no conscience? Scum breeds scum.

I am reminded of something I saw recently in my discovery of the parts of the Bible I’m just now reading:

Do not desire a multitude of useless children,
Nor rejoice in ungodly sons.
If they multiply, do not rejoice over them
If the fear of the Lord is not in them.
Do not trust in their life
Nor pay attention to their multitude;
For one godly child is better than a thousand.
And it is better to die childless than to have ungodly children.
For from one child with wisdom a city will be filled with people,
But a tribe of lawless men will make it desolate.

Sirach 16:1-4

6 Responses to “Family Values”

  1. Mark Says:

    Brendan and Ryan have ruined their own lives, and now they are going to get the crap beaten out of them in prison. Hopefully, England’s criminal justice system will treat them as adults and keep them in prison for a long long long time.

  2. abby woodward Says:

    erm tell me 1 thing y is only mi ryan gettin all the s**t 4 this ye e shunt ov dun it but the ovs shunt eva

  3. sol Says:

    I think I edited out the swearing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell with a foreign language. Erm, I’ll tell you a couple of things. First, if Ryan is yours, you can have him.

    Second, maybe he’s getting all of the s**t 4 this because as the judge said sentencing him with a lenient 16-year tariff, “This was a terrible case which has shocked and outraged all who have heard about it. At least wild animals, when they hunt in packs, have a legitimate reason for so doing, to obtain food. You have none and your behaviour on that night degrades humanity itself.”

  4. The Evil Continues « Solomon Hezekiah Says:

    […] isn’t available in this country. As I mentioned to one of Ryan’s supporters, who left a comment here today, the judge said, “This was a terrible case which has shocked and outraged all who […]

  5. matthew Says:

    Wow, creeps caring for criminal creeps?

    Where are the morals?

  6. Steve Says:

    Christ. If my lad had in ANY WAY taken part in an event as disgusting as this, I would be too ashamed to show my face in public, let alone come on some website offering ANY kind of defence for what is utterly inexcusable behaviour.

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