Thanks to Mr Malvern for his comments on my posting about Susan Pope, the nurse at Malvern St James school who was sacked for smacking her foul-mouthed son on the bum. He noted that the school bursar who sent the letter sacking Mrs Pope has himself been sacked.

Mr Malvern was quite generous in his description of the Denis Smith’s offences. He didn’t mention that Mr Smith rammed a police car in his drunken attempt to evade police driving through Malvern streets at 80 mph. Having worked in Malvern, I have to commend Mr Smith on his driving skills. I would not be able to drive anywhere near that fast if I wanted to, even fully sober.

Being a keen letter-writer, Mr Smith did not wait to receive his P45. He resigned. I’m guessing he figured that if the school was willing to sack someone even though they did not commit an offence, he probably didn’t stand much of a chance.

Anyhow a couple links for those interested: Malvern Gazette and Worcester News.

To modify something I heard during the Eliot Spitzer fiasco, let me make the introductions: Denis, petard. Petard, Denis.

3 Responses to “Hoisted”

  1. athanasia Says:

    I cannot understand the need to ban parents from giving their children a swat on the tookis when one is called for.

    Petard indeed. LOL!

  2. sol Says:

    The thing is that Parliament has specifically not voted for a full ban. Even the former Prime Minister said he had smacked his son on occasion. However, smacking is banned at well below the biblical prescribed level – you can’t leave any marks of redness.

    That doesn’t prevent an allegation from beng made by a rebellious child, even if there is no evidence of the offence. And it doesn’t prevent liberal social service bureaucrats from enforcing their own interpretation of the law.

  3. Notes from Hell « Solomon Hezekiah Says:

    […] Pope mentions the subject of another popular post, former school bursar Denis Smith. It appears he was more involved in Mrs Smith’s sacking […]

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