Feeling Harrassed, Love?

Acts of Parliament are nice and all, but hardly necessary most of the time. There is a reason that the system of government in this country is called an elective dictatorship. Women and Equalities Minister Harriet Harman has once again demonstrated how this works.

Using a statutory instrument, which is basically ministerial fiat, she has decided that rules about sexual harrassment are going to change. Employers will now be held responsible for the acts of customers. I say “acts,” but the amount of action required to support a demand for compensation is quite minimal.

Calling a barmaid or a shop assistant “love”, “darling”, or even “young lady” will be enough. Since this is common parlance for a large segment of society, it will not take long for it to happen three times. That’s the minium for making a claim. Not three times from the same customer, or three times in the same day – just three times total.

It is anticipated that large notices warning customers will be posted everywhere on business premises. However, given that pubs, as well as restaurants and other leisure environments where alcohol is served, deal with a significant number of customers whose inhibitions have been reduced, it may be difficult for them to restrain themselves from such sexual harrasment, not to mention more egregious violations, such as asking a female staff member on a date.

Any claim made will be assumed to be proved. The burden of proof will be on employers to prove that they were not at fault. And remember, what is or is not harrassment is entirely up to the subjective feelings of the person claiming to have been offended. The employer doesn’t even need to have had prior notice that the employee would find a particular familiarity by a customer to be offensive.

This will all be enforced by tribunals run by the Government’s Commission for Equality and Human Rights. More bureaucrats.

2 Responses to “Feeling Harrassed, Love?”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Oh. My. Word.
    Actually, words fail me.
    How is that harrassment ?
    It certainly doesn’t bother me if people call me ” love” ; I can easily think of far worse things to be called 🙂

    Whist in hospital, my dear mother (aged 71 and 3/4) regularly called the nursing staff, male and female alike,
    “my lovely”.
    None of them seemed to mind in the slightest, and she was hugged and kissed by all the staff on the ward when she was discharged home.

    Though this might also have something to do with the fact that she was always courteous, polite and thankful to the staff for the excellent care they gave her….

  2. John of Indiana Says:

    Maybe Harriet Harman is just out of sorts because nobody calls her “Love”…
    Makes almost as much sense as our new law requiring purveyors of “Sexually Explicit Materials” to pay a $400 “license fee” and register with the local prosecutor.
    So much for 1/3 of Border’s self-help and Walgreen’s Family Planning sections….

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