Basketball Shoes

We went shopping today in the city by the bay – Cardiff Bay – an it is clear that the genetic differences in children are not limited to boy with trucks and girls with dolls.

The older unnamed child, being of the male of the species, wanted some new trainers. Specifically, he wanted basketball shoes. Not a brand name – just canvas basketball shoes. The younger unnamed child, a female of the species, needed “summer clothes”. Actually, she didn’t know she needed summer clothes – she was told this by the Unnamed Woman.

So we go into a large clothing retailer. The male child goes to the shoes, finds his size, tries them on, and is ready to go. All he wants to do is go outside and change into his new shoes. But insead he gets a lesson in shopping with females. They graze amongst the rows of dresses and skirts.

We were sent to find him some clothes. Clothes that would require an additional dresser to store them. He didn’t need any clothes. He didn’t want any clothes. He only wanted basketball shoes. He’d found basketball shoes. He wanted to go. He had places to go, people to see, basketball shoes to wear.

After a while, the rows of merchandise gleaned, the females had all the dresses and skirts and shoes the younger child “needed” out of that store and we went to the tills. I joked about the where we were going to fit the additional wardrobe in the younger child’s bedroom.

Apparently this wasn’t funny. Clothes are not a laughing matter.


One Response to “Basketball Shoes”

  1. Marguerite Says:

    She did know… she did know… she just didn’t know how to express it.

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