I’ve written a few bad songs I’d like to forget. Yesterday I discovered that I had written some bad songs that I had forgotten.

The last time I was at my parents’ house I was rummaging through some boxes of my old cassettes. I found some of my old music and brought it back to the UK. Even though it has been over a year, I hadn’t listened to some of it.

I pulled out what sounds like a tape for recording snippets of ideas and new songs. There was some real crap on it. Then at the end there is a zippy little worship chorus that I had forgotten.

Oh Lord you are my God
I wil exalt and praise Your name

For in perfect faithfulness He has done great things
We waited on the Lord, and He saved
Let us rejoice and be glad, and be glad.

It’s taken from Isaiah 25:1,9. I’m pretty sure I wrote it – the music, I mean. I can’t think of any other reason it would be on the tape. I remember playing it frequently for a time in church.

Last night I was looking for the Texas tapes and found another on the CD rack. Many boyfriends used to make compliation tapes of various artists for their girlfriend. Instead, many years ago I sent the Unnamed Woman a compilation of my music. I don’t know whether she ever really listened to it. Fortunately, she didn’t record over it.

The little felt pad under the middle of the cassette track where the head reads the tape is broken. The tape player kept wanting to shut it off, but I held down the play button until it stayed down. I discovered the best archive of my acoustic music in existence. I also discovered that I had completely forgotten a really good song. In fact, I was surprised how good it is.

Because the tape is so fragile, I’m not listening to it again until I transfer it to CD on Wednesday or Thursday.


6 Responses to “Discoveries”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Will you be posting it to the list ? 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    I meant, of course, to ask if you would be posting it onto your blog for our edification……….

  3. sol Says:

    Since I use a pseudonym here, I can’t really post music here and give copyright notice. I will probably put a couple of songs on my Facebook account, which I have really created to put new worship songs for easy download by churches (really only one I can think of these days) that might want to use them.

  4. Mary Says:

    Finally, about time and at last….we the impatient have been heard in the Highest….Oh yes, this topic has indeed made the prayer list a few times….

    PS. It is with great hope we await the rest of the more than one really good song to turn up “someplace” probably in a UState of former residence or with some certain church members formerly well known… With reminder to go through own archives after upcoming move for any lyrics that might still be lying about on songsheets…


  5. Larry Henry Says:

    I sure would love cd copy of your music if you have any..(from one who once ran your sound board at The Sonshine Inn)…
    email me for a mailing address…

  6. sol Says:

    I just have to the one I mentioned in this article. I transfered it to mp3, but because the cassette was so damaged most of the songs are terribly muffled. I’m listening to the tracks right now and they are bad.

    In the next few weeks, I will try to make a better demo with the four track recording equipment at school.

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