You’ve Been Warned

The Unnamed Woman opened a carton of eggs tonight. (My apologies to the scandalised Orthodox.) Inside the lid, next to the nutritional advice (why does a dozen eggs need nutritional advice?) there was the statement, “Allergy warning: contains egg”.

7 Responses to “You’ve Been Warned”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    A-yep, just like the warning on a jar of peanut butter, “This product produced in a facility that processes peanuts”.

    or the warning on the tank of Honda motorcycles in the 70’s “Do Not operate this vehicle without first retracting sidestand”
    I think the 78’s actually had a cut-out switch that would not let the bike start unless you put the kickstand up.

    One of these days, the American version of the Lord’s prayer is going to read “Guard us from Stupidity, and Deliver us from Ourselves…”

  2. John of Indiana Says:

    By the by, why should the Orthodox be “scandalized” by TUW opening a carton of eggs? Is that prohibited or otherwise frowned upon?

    Oh, and it’s “Lead us not into Stupidity”, I was too tired last night…

  3. sol Says:

    It’s still Lent for the Orthodox. Our Easter (Pascha) isn’t until the 27th of this month. Eggs aren’t vegan. I’m just not very good at eating lentils and rice cakes.

    Sadly, I have now broken my Lent blogging fast to not talk about non-fasting food until Pascha.

  4. John of Indiana Says:

    I’m not good at rice cakes either. I think discs cut out of Styrofoam coolers are tastier.
    Good luck with the rest of Lent.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I struggle to stick with Vegetarian in Lent, let alone Vegan.
    We have eggs in our fridge too. DH has bacon, which is cruelty to dumb animals, IMO !

    Looking forward to Pascha 🙂

  6. debd Says:

    Being vegan is also a struggle of mine. You didn’t scandalize me at all.

    But, that is a silly warning. I’ll keep my negative comments about lawyers to myself. 🙂

  7. sol Says:

    Lawyers? I’ve always said it is just 95% of lawyers that give the rest of us a bad name.

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