The Evil Continues

Ryan Herbert and Brendan Harris were sentenced today for the murder of Sophie Lancaster. With their so-called life sentences Herbert got a 16-year tariff and Harris got 18 years.

Ryan and Brendan got much less than what they deserved, but that penalty isn’t available in this country. As I mentioned to one of Ryan’s supporters, who left a comment here today, the judge said, “This was a terrible case which has shocked and outraged all who have heard about it. At least wild animals, when they hunt in packs, have a legitimate reason for so doing, to obtain food. You have none and your behaviour on that night degrades humanity itself.”

The sentencing of these thugs should not lull us into thinking that Britain is a safer place. Without even leaving the Northwest of England, the Daily Mail today has the case of Julie Pickford. She was asked a boy to stop throwing popcorn at other passengers on a tram. “Without warning, one girl stood up and punched her in the face and then a mob of up to 30 teenagers joined in, punching her and stamping on her. . . With blood streaming from her injuries and £50 stolen from her handbag, she was thrown off the tram at the next stop in Sale, Greater Manchester.”

4 Responses to “The Evil Continues”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    This ties in with 2 disturbing items I’ve heard in the last few weeks.
    First, a story on the World Service about how violent British teens are becoming and how people fear to go out after dark lest they be found by a roving gang of 13-year-olds, and another tale of how that even with our “Wild West Gun Culture”, Brit tourists feel safer here in the US than they do at home.

    Gee, over here we just have college students demanding to be allowed to carry concealed firearms on campus….

  2. sol Says:

    But they aren’t the ones using them. A nutjob wanting to shoot up a campus isn’t worried about whether he’s complying with a conceal and carry law or whether it is applicable on university property.

    Most violence, including firearm violence, in the US is not stranger violence. People know whoever it is that is tryin to hurt them. Over here we have our share of that as well. But it is the random violence – the unprovoked violence – that is scary here. It is someone (probably drunk or high) thinking that you have looked at them in the wrong way. Or as we have seen in the Sophie Lancaster case, just that you look the wrong way.

  3. Marguerite Says:

    I’m scared to live here. I don’t go out at night because there are too many gangs of seriously drunk teens and when you get to a point where girls have fist fights at bus stops you know you’re on to a bad thing. The public transport is a nightmare, unlike Rome or Cairo admittedly, you don’t often get “felt up” but you are subject to foul language and children/teens screaming and howling without being able to do anything. Last week I complained about the obscene behaviour of two young teens on the bus, the driver didn’t want me to go back upstairs because then they would know who complained! I’m 44 and I pay my taxes (far too damn many of them) and I’m terrorised by children on the bus! It’s insane. As soon as my father’s estate is settled and my contract is up I’m leaving. Not sure where I’m going yet… but I’m leaving 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    Has anyone thought to try to undermine the violence? What kind of sweeteners are there to get kids off running around in packs? In the US welfare is so unpleasant that people occasionally are willing to work pretty hard for a scholarship out. Maybe its too easy to be a thug there?

    It is a huge problem that they are able to get so much into their roles that they can lose their humanity in that they literally don’t see the goths as human. It’s what has fueled warfare for centuries, seeing the enemy as other, however it is very bad for a civil society. I wonder why they have become so polarized that even the threat of jail time doesn’t sink in.

    The media should focus more on the boring legal issues and less on making the criminals martyrs. The latest coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings is more appropriate then the columbine coverage a decade earlier. It focuses a whole lot more on lawsuits and the president of the universities shortcomings- then Cho. This takes away some of his perceived glory. Maybe something similar needs to happen with coverage elsewhere, to take away the thunder and make homicidal tendencies ‘uncool.’ Many kids don’t understand the ramifications of death but they can be embarrassed, work with what emotions they’ve developed.

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