Open Season on Ridiculing Christianity

Britain is now almost completely officially a post-Christian country. As reported in the Daily Telegraph, the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill, which was passed with amendements abolishing the blasphemy laws, has received the Royal Assent.

As junior Justice minister Maria Eagle said in debte, “Given theat these laws protect only the tenets of the Christian Churches, they would appear to be plainly discriminatory.” Of course, given that the UK is officially a Christian country, with an established Church, this would appear to be plainly appropriate.

As a practical matter, this will mean that non-Christian religions, which are increasing protected, will be at an advantage over Christianity. This is not because prosecutions will now cease under the blasphemy laws. The last prosecution was in 1977. It is because it sends the message that Christianity does not even enjoy the pretense of protection.

The amendment was proposed by Dr Evan Harris, the Liberal Democrat who is always at the forefront of the affront to Christianity. Dr Harris is also the big proponent make abortion more accessible and genetically modifying humans through embyro manipulation and hybridisation.

3 Responses to “Open Season on Ridiculing Christianity”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    I wonder why there has to be laws against blaspheming ANY religion? There are no laws to protect criticism of a LACK of religious belief.
    I look at it like this: If a deity hasn’t got the where-with-all to zap a particularly strident critic with a lightning bolt or what have you, then it isn’t much of a deity in the first place. The particular one needing the protection seemed to have no trouble once turning a woman into rock salt for disobedience.

    Me, I’m an equal-opportunity blasphemer.

  2. Michael Says:

    John, I don’t think those who instituted the anti-blasphemy laws had such a conceit as to think that God needed their protection. I think they perceived blasphemy as something people needed to be protected from, and that as an officially Christian country it was there responsibility to do something about it. The real question is, is it justified for a country to be officially Christian, and if so, why shouldn’t it have laws that promote Christianity?

    As for a deity’s “where-with-all”, if a God indeed exists who has the power to turn people into rock salt but usually chooses not to do so, I would take that as a sign of strength, not of weakness.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    That is a good question. “Is it justified for a country to be officially Christian?”
    In a word, No. Not any country I’d care to live in, any road.

    If one is Christian, it could seem only natural that there be laws that promote Christianity, yet if one is NOT Christian, it would seem to be the most un-natural and frightening thing ever.
    When I think of a religious country, with an “official” religion and laws to promote and protect that religion, the first place that comes to mind is Saudi Arabia.
    If you’re a Wahabist Muslim, it’d look a lot like heaven-on-earth, but for a believer in any other religion, or no religion at all, it could be a pretty scary place.

    I’m thankful that I live in a country that as of yet, has no State Religion, even though there are forces in pla that aren’t very happy with the fact that this is a secular country, as our founders intended.

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