Culture of Death is Alive and Well

Well, the great debate is over. I’m sure there have already been plenty of post-vote post mortems in the blogosphere, though I have trawled through to read them. Between marking exams and getting ready for the arrival of the grandparents, I haven’t had the time.

The culture of death is alive and well in Britain. We will continue to have some of the most liberal laws in Europe and babies will continue to die at a rate exceeding 500 per day. There has been no change to 24-week social abortion limit. Supporters tried to play this down by emphasising that only 1.5% of abortions occur between 20 and 24 weeks, Of course if you do the math, that’s over 3000 babies chopped up and pulled out of wombs each year. That’s more than eight per day. It’s also an increase of 44% over the last ten years. For those aged over 17 weeks, and there were 7,123 abortions, or more than 19 per day. Those children were also removed one amputated part at a time.

And speaking of eight, that’s the highest number of previous abortions recorded. In other words, in the statistics available, they only note individuals (we can’t really call them mothers, can we?) who have had eight or more previous abortions. This number obviously continues to increase. The 2006 figures – the latest available – show that 54 women had procured at least eight abortions. There were 65 who had six abortions before they were 30 years old.

Then the numbers get really scary. In just the year 2006, 1300 women had their what was at least their fifth termination. More than 3,800 were on their fourth and nearly 15,000 were killing their third child. I suppose it is some comfort that of those achieving a hat trick, only 82 of those were under 18.

Most all of this is at taxpayer expense. Don’t be fooled by hearing that less than 25% are carried out by the NHS. A further 67% take place in private clinics that are funded by the NHS. That’s 92% in total.

As for the rest of the legislation, MP voted for human-animal hybrids, against children of IVF needing a father, and for the production of children as saviour siblings.

7 Responses to “Culture of Death is Alive and Well”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Is birth control available over there?

  2. sol Says:

    Freely and readily available in all of it’s many forms.

    I should mention that these stats don’t include abortions procured through the use of the morning after pill, which is also freely and readily available.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    There must be some disconnect going on then. BC is freely and readily available, and yet there are women using abortion as birth control not once, but many times? I’m sorry, Sol, but that seems more like a “Culture of Idiocy” than a “Culture of Death” to me.

  4. sol Says:

    I can’t disagree with you entirely on that.

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I think we are rapidly entering a Culture of Evil, not just Idiocy……

  6. Jake Says:

    ok guess what? every problem with the planet and on the planet is caused by one thing, overpopulation, maybe if you people (conservative chritian, wife and seven f*****g kids two of whom wont talk to you type) but im sure you believe that your god will rid you of all of the jakes of the world, oh thats rihgt i forgot your an idiot. by all of the jakes in the world i mean non christians. but dont worry buddy we will all be burning in hell soon. dont feel sorry for us though, not for a second. because we will all be throwing a party in your honnor. rejoicing to be rid of all of the pushy jesus freaks of the world. even if we are all on fire. it will be a blast.

  7. sol Says:

    I never marvel that people continue to belief in myths. Like the myth of overpopulation.

    The only thing of which there is an overpopulation is trolls. One is way too many. Go take you nasty uncouth behaviour (I know, big words, but you’ll have to go look them up) somewhere else.

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