Running Mate

I’ve been busy with marking, so I haven’t had time to write much. The only thing that brings me out of the woodwork briefly is the Obama candidacy, now that it appear to be a lock.

Hillary has made it clear that she would like to be on the ticket, even if it is as second banana. This isn’t surprising since it’s a heartbeat away from the Presidency and everyone knows just how many hearts have stopped beating by being positioned to close to the Clintons.

However, regardless of the personal danger involved in choosing Hillary, I think there is really only one obvious choice for Obama. Not that I want the Democrats to win in November, but if I were one of the three VP pickers, I would be telling Barak that he needs John Edwards. He’s as liberal as Hillary – not that this really matters in a VP candidate – but he doesn’t have the baggage of high negatives.

He’s a Southerner to balance out Obama’s Indonesia/Hawaii/Illinois/Kansas mother and Kenyan father background. This is better than Hillary’s Illinois/Little Rock-but-never-really-Arkansan/New York residential trail. Obama may play well in Peoria, but he’s also got to win Plains, Pascagoula and Poteet.

4 Responses to “Running Mate”

  1. Mary Says:

    Not to mention St Lou and Indy where he did not play very well.

  2. Steve Says:

    I know next to nothing about US politics, but I was thinking exactly the same thing. I’m glad to see it from someone in the know.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    Edwards for AG.
    The problem with John as VP is that it gives the Bill O-Really’s? and Gush Pfleghmballs out there plenty of “Nasty Trial Lawyer” mud to sling.
    I suppose if you’re in the business of selling defective products to unsuspecting sheep that you’d want to have yourself portrayed as a poor hard-working entrepreneur being savaged by a greedy lawyer to get sympathy and more free advertising.
    Appoint Hillary Ambassador to someplace like Lichtenstein or Malta.
    And for what it’s worth, I’m a white gun-lover who gets his hands filthy and torn up for a living, and I’m for Obama.
    McCain’s speech the other night was about as stirring and inspiring as listening to a bingo game being called.
    Maybe he can tap Al Sharpton and make White Murka REALLY swallow their chewing terbacky…

  4. sol Says:

    McInsane may not be an inspiring speaker, but I still think it’s policy that counts, not smoke and mirror and meaningless platitudes.

    I can see Edwards as AG. I’m not saying I want Edwards as AG, of course. And if there is an Obama presidency, I too would like to see Hillary as ambassador to a small faraway place. I don’t think she’d give up the Senate for that, though.

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