64th Anniversary

On this day in 1944, approximately 2,500 Allied soldiers lost their lives as the invasion of Normandy began. I have twice visited the beaches at Omaha and Utah, the bombed out batteries at Pointe du Hoc, and the graves at Colville-sur-Mer. I still marvel at the bravery of landing against the withering machine gun fire.

It should be remembered that there were German soldiers who did not believe in the Third Reich and Poles forced by the Germans to fight in Ost battalions against the Allies. Many of them were also killed.

For those who gave their lives for the freedom of others, may their memory be eternal.


3 Responses to “64th Anniversary”

  1. Margi Says:

    My Baba used to correspond with a German man who had fought in WWII and had ancestors in the same part of Russia as us. He knew it was wrong but felt like “the tiniest of pawns” and with a wife and child felt he had to do as he was bid. I have forgotten his name but I do pray for him.

  2. Mary Says:

    May there always be those willing to lay down their lives for the lives and freedom of others. May we always remember to teach our children the cost of freedome. May we always be grateful. May we always say so to those still living who never ask for thanks. 5 soldiers currently in or just home from Iraq in my family alone. 1 has served 5 tours as career Marine. God bless them all.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    God bless them all indeed, and Memory Eternal to the fallen.

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