My friend Greg recently offered a few reflections on Barak Obama by email. I post them here with his permission:

I’m a little confused, so let me see if I have this straight about the Democratic candidate for President of the United States:

His father was a Kenyan black Muslim. We have seen pictures of his African “family” (ahem).

His mother is a Kansan white atheist. Um… okay. Where are the pictures of his white mother and his white grandparents who raised him?

His father deserted his mother and him when he was very young and went back to his family (Whose family?) In Kenya?

His mother married an Indonesian Muslim and took him to Jakarta where he was schooled in a Muslim school.

His mother returned to Hawaii and he was raised by his white Kansan grandparents? When ?

He later went to the best high-dollar schools. How?

He lives in a $1.4 million dollar house that he acquired through a deal with a wealthy fund raiser. How?

He (ahem) “worked” as a civil rights activist in Chicago… so he has never held a productive job.

The presidency is not a civil rights post, nor is it subject to affirmative action set-asides.

He entered politics at the state level and then the national level… where he has — at best — minimal experience.

He is proud of his “African heritage” … but it seems that his only African connection was that his African father got a white girl pregnant and deserted her.

I didn’t know that sperm carried a “cultural” gene. Where is the pride in his white culture?

For over 20 years and until very, very recently, he and his wife were members of an “Afrocentric” church that hates whites and Jews, and blames America for all the world’s perceived faults… and he repeatedly covered up for the pastor and the church until it was politically expedient to denounce them.

He claimed that he could not confront his pastor, but he wants us to believe that he can confront North Korea and Iran. Hmmm…

Okay, I think I see how he could be a “uniter” and bring us together. I think the “hope” is that he keeps yammering about is he hopes no one will unite the pieces until after the election.

Like I said, I am confused… but I think I’m starting to get things sorted out.


45 Responses to “Confused”

  1. Philippa Says:

    Your friend Greg needs to email his questions to Barack’s headquarters and ask him to answer them. They are all VERY good.

  2. John of Indiana Says:

    I’d like to hear more about all the women John McCain was cheating on his crippled first wife with before he landed his Beer Baroness shugahmomma.
    What? It seemed important enough to waste $70,000,000 on when it was Bill Clinton.

    And lest we forget, before he was handed the keys to the white house, Dubya’s “experience” consisted mostly of hosting parties where he drank a lot of “Ginger Ale”, and cracking jokes while signing Death Warrants.

    What amazes me about Barack’s mom was that she was able to be an Atheist in KANSAS without being burned at the stake.
    There’s a lot of “whispering” going on now about how come Obama “leans more to the Black side”.
    He can’t make anybody happy. If he were to talk up his white heritage, the “One Drop” NASCAR bubbas would all be up in arms about him trying to “pass”…
    Sol, your friend Greg forgot to mention that Barack’s middle name is (gasp!) Hussein… AND… The “Madrassa” in Jakarta thing has been beat beyond a pulp. Details for the picking on The Google.
    I should get a thicker skin, since this is probably the mildest mud that’s going to be thrown at Barack Obama before it’s all over.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    (ahem) Did we mention that his father was (ahem) BLACK, and his mother was (ahem) WHITE?
    So it Begins…

  4. greg Says:


    Actually, I did mention that his father is black and his mother is white. That, in and of itself, is not the issue — contrary to your snide insinuation. And yes, let it begin, by all means. I would love to see Obama held accountable on a number of fronts. And since the media cannot be counted on for this, perhaps it is up to bloggers such as my friend Sol.

  5. John of Indiana Says:

    Well, Greg, then let’s hold John McCain accountable, too. But then again, we can’t count on the media to do that, since they enjoy the free BBQ “The Maverick” shovels out to them.

    I want to know how many women McCain cheated on his crippled first wife with before he landed his Beer Baroness sugar momma.
    What, not important? Seems it was important enough to waste $70,000,000 of my tax dollars on when it was Bill Clinton.
    That’s it. I’ll not impose on Sol’s hospitality any more arguing with you.

  6. sol Says:

    John, don’t stop arguing on my account. You’re never imposing. I think every conservative should have a liberal friend.

    I hardly think McCain has the MSM in his pocket. He may give them BBQ, but Obama is their darling.

    I’m not a big supporter of McCain – he just scares me less than Obama. As I’ve suggested before, policy isn’t nearly as inspiring as platitudes, and your the former with McCain and the latter with Obama.

    You are missing a big difference between McCain the womaniser and Clinton the womaniser. McCain landed his Beer Baroness before he was elected to public office. Tax dollars aren’t wasted on investigating private citizens. McCain didn’t lie to a federal grand jury or get disbarred by a state Supreme Court benched full of Democrats.

    I don’t know why you think Dubya has no experience. Prior to the Presidency, he was Governor of the second most populous state in the Union for six years. Before that he was managing general partner of the Texas Rangers. Before that he was in the oil business. Yes, it was the family business, but it was a business.

  7. Michael Says:

    I’m not what you’d call an Obama fan, but I’m not all that impressed with this list of “reflections.” A few of them are legitimate concerns (experience, for example), but others are just cheap shots. For example,

    He is proud of his “African heritage” … but it seems that his only African connection was that his African father got a white girl pregnant and deserted her.

    Uh, I’d say that if his father was from Africa that that’s a pretty big “African connection.” Too bad that his father wasn’t of better character, but it seems fairly balanced of BHO II not to disown all of Africa or his own heritage for BHO I’s misdeeds.

    I’ve seen pictures of young BHO II with his white mother and other white relatives, and have never seen the pictures of his AFrican relatives. So apparently I saw one set of pictures and Greg the other, so we’re even.

  8. sol Says:


    I think I have to go with Greg on the African heritage thing. I think the key is in the next comment, ‘I didn’t know that sperm carried a “cultural” gene.’

    You are looking at African in terms of his genetics, Greg is looking at it culturally. His absentee father did not foster or impart any African cultural awareness on him. Being a black American does not give anyone an African heritage other than the possibility of tracing ones ancestors to people who lived in Africa.

    BHO II did not even meet his African relatives until he was in his late 20s. You can see a picture of him with them here.

  9. Jake Says:

    wow you really are confused. how can i say anything more after reading the other bullls**t you have written here. your taking up space.

  10. Margi Says:

    Well.. it’s his blog, Jake, and that’s why folks have blogs.

    I love American politics. I don’t understand a word and everyone is just awful. Every time I go over there I settle down on the sofa in my tin foil hat and watch George on the telly on Sunday mornings as no-one will drive me to church and I marvel at how all the candidates are airbrushed and then I think of Boris Johnson and giggle. After a while I get the Best Friend to explain primaries to me and then I ask him about Watergate and then he volunteers to cook me breakfast. It’s great.

  11. sol Says:

    Like Margi said, it’s my blog. If you come here to be rude and abusive, you are the one taking up space.

  12. Always Curious Says:

    Ahem…I guess I’m a little confused as well “Greg”. I would think someone like you would be aware of a little website called Wikipedia (as just one example) that gives a fairly easy to understand (even for someone as intillectually challenged as you) overview of Obama’s life personally, polictically and professionally.

    Most of the “questions” listed above are kind of laughable and sophomoric. Do you really think that the “questions” above haven’t been vetted by the DP? Oy-vey.

    By the way…this chain email from “Greg” was also sent by “Bob”, “Mary”, “Jack”….etc.

    Another site I would like to introduce you to is

    Sigh –

  13. Always Curious Says:

    By the way Sol…

    “Before that he was managing general partner of the Texas Rangers. Before that he was in the oil business. Yes, it was the family business, but it was a business.”

    If you do even a teensy bit of research, you will learn that every single business that GWB “ran” failed and/or lost money. Without exception…no kidding….every sinlge one.

  14. sol Says:

    Always Curious, we are all familiar with Snopes and with Wikipedia. Unfortunately, you are not familiar with Greg, who has been a friend of mine for many years and a journalist of good repute for much longer. It doesn’t require his master’s degree in communications to prove he’s not as “intillectually” challenged as you.

    (What is it with liberals and the inability to spell? Someone needs to research this and find a solution, or they will continue coming across as even more stupid than they are.)

    Since you don’t believe Greg’s claim to have written this, which he assured me through direct correspondence (though he told me from the beginning that he had started with a couple of existing one-liners and built it from there), can you provide the Snopes link for it. I’ve searched the Snopes site for anything similar, and I can’t seem to get a result. Or do you think that you can discredit something just by putting it next to the Snopes name?

    I didn’t realise that every “sinlge” business that GWB ran failed or lost money. I know that he sold the Rangers for a big profit. He was involved in buying it for $86 million (though he only had a 1.8% stake). It is surprising that he managed to sell a failing business for $250 million. Of course I’ve read all of the liberal anti-Bush websites that spin all sorts of reasons this was bad, too.

  15. tara Says:

    Ah. You must require approval on this page. I tested on another page and it immediately posted, but not here. That’s why I took the opportunity to edit my original post.

  16. tara Says:

    BTW – Here’s the list of issues about Obama that Snopes has addressed:

    While “Greg’s” thoughts are not addressed in one specific page, you will find most of “his” thoughts and questions addressed in the other Snopes pages about Obama. Make up your own mind after researching the facts, not after reading someone’s obviously biased list of what they consider ‘the truth’. Truth can be manipulated, so do the research. Otherwise *you’re* the one who looks like an idiot, not Barack Obama (or even Always Curious).

    Last but not least –

    “What is it with liberals and the inability to spell? Someone needs to research this and find a solution, or they will continue coming across as even more stupid than they are.”

    I might point out that you yourself have misspelled “existing.” It’s not “exisiting” like you posted in the very same response where you mocked Always Curious for his/her spelling mistake. Word of advice: if you’re trying to discredit someone because of their so-called lack of education, make sure you’re not guilty of the same crime – especially within the same post where you’re being all holier-than-thou about it.

    And such arrogance over a typo? Seriously? You’ve obviously made a spelling mistakes in your own life. And that the “problem” is limited to liberals only, and conservatives don’t somehow suffer from spelling troubles either? Wow. Somehow I seriously doubt that either you or the rest of the non-liberals are that superior.

    You should know that this form of discrediting your opponent in reality actually makes *you* look like the petty ignorant.

  17. tara Says:

    Hmm. My posts discrediting Greg’s claim of authorship were the only ones deleted. Curious. Just to let you know, it would be no problem for me to repost them if you want.

  18. sol Says:


    What blocked your posts were all the hyper-links, which is detected as spam, just like the attempts to post the same comment over and over.

    Combined with your eight unpublished comments on the same post, it appears this has put quite a burr in your saddle.

    The funny bit about Always Curious was not his typo “sinlge”, but the actual misspelled word in the first comment, “intillectually”.

    BTW, I tidied up your previous comment, by attaching the link to a word, rather than blowing the comment boxes apart by stringing it out.

  19. tara Says:

    “Combined with your eight unpublished comments on the same post, it appears this has put quite a burr in your saddle.”

    Yeah, they simply would not show up for me. And then it only showed up *after* I posted another comment about something different. But there’s no delete here (unlike other better places to blog), so oh well. Gotta live with it.

    “The funny bit about Always Curious was not his typo “sinlge”, but the actual misspelled word in the first comment, “intillectually”. ”

    I already know that, and like I said big friggin’ deal. Not even you spells everything 100% correctly 100% of the time, and spelling problems are not limited to liberals only. If that’s your idea of how to draw a logical conclusion in order to slander an entire section of individuals, then it’s no wonder you’re a fan of “Greg’s” little list. Really dumb. You would have sounded far more intelligent without it, since you actually used statistics for your other points. But no, you chose to ruin your comeback with juvenile name-calling, so you went from “intelligent” to “intilligint”. You might keep that in mind in the future.

  20. sol Says:


    Thank you for the kind advice on how to run my blog and sound almost as intelligent as a liberal. I’m sorry my choice of WordPress doesn’t live up to your standards. Probably goes for the way it handles comments with lots of links in them, too. But you’re right – gotta live with it.

  21. tara Says:

    “…and sound almost as intelligent as a liberal.”

    Actually, I was only advising you about sounding like an intelligent human being, period. Nothing else really matters.

  22. AnnieGetYourFun Says:

    A journalist? A journalist who is concerned with inadequate amounts of white pride? Who doesn’t realize that his Caps lock is on? Yeah, likely.

    Also, c’mon. Anyone who posts a rant as unberably stupid as this one has no right to comment on whether or not responses are intelligent.

  23. Press Pass Says:

    As a journalist, I’m appalled and offended at the suggestion that “Greg” is also a journalist. It’s not necessarily his grammatical mistakes; yes, we do all make typos, though there are certain ones that anyone with a background in journalism would never make. It’s not necessarily his lack of research, though any reporter, editor, fact checker or publisher worth his/her salt would find that cringe-worthy. It’s not necessarily his writing style, which would be considered fourth-grade at best. It’s not necessarily the attempt to pass others’ albeit dismal work off as his own. It is a combination of those factors which make me very strongly doubt that the sorry soul composing such chain e-mail messages from other pieces of equally uninformed and badly written internet literature has any background whatsoever in journalism.

  24. Duke Says:

    I can’t believe the McCain campaign would stoop to this. What happened to his honorable campaign? After this same thing was done to him by Bush he turns around and uses the same race baiting techniques.

    I guess its true that there is no shaming a Bush Republican. The Bush Republicans have been using racism and fear for thirty years and it would be naive to expect the Bush Republicans to act like human beings now.

  25. Duke Says:

    Plus you are from Belgium so why do you even have a dog in this fight?

  26. Duke Says:

    I’m confused. I’m looking all throguh the bible for verses against abortion. the two biggest forms of birth control at the time were infanticide and abortion. I have found verses against infanticide but none against abortion. Could G_d really have been silent on such an important issue?

    I’m confused, why aren’t you?

  27. Informed voter Says:

    It’s really quite sad how eagerly uninformed Americans lap up twisted rumors or half truths about Obama. He wrote a book that covers these things. It’s called Dreams from my Father. Read it and stop going around spewing misinformation. It makes you look pathetic.

    I’m confused about why John McCain left his crippled wife (who stood by him during his POW years) for a young beer heiress. I’m confused because I thought Republicans were all about decency and family values.

  28. PWC Says:

    A journalist? Using a phrase as hackneyed as “best high-dollar school” and “white culture”? Heehee. Not even journalist from USA Today.

    Sometimes racists are so funny, naïve and stupid. And like everything, the European racists are so much more chic than these old-school americana racists, too.

    You know? I think it’ll be fun to come back to this blog, after Obama’s inauguration, and leave a badly written paranoid missive interspersed with a whole bunch of nasty white racial epithets… after the newly-installed Leaders of THE Black World Order invent some, of course.

    Have I said too much…?

  29. sol Says:

    Who is European generally or Belgian specifically? Greg and I are both Americans.

    And for a blog post from early June, aren’t you just a little late to the party?

    Other than to mention that, it would be pointless to address your liberal drivel (since really doesn’t address the substance of the post), where anyone is a racist by virtue of questioning anything about anyone with black skin.

  30. Duke Says:

    I read on the internet that you are Belgian. Can you prove you aren’t?

    And could you be more spcific about liberal drivel?

  31. sol Says:

    I’m not really obliged to prove anything to any interlopers. I’d love a link to where on the internet someone is even interested enough in me to allege that I’m Belgian. If you read the rest of my blog it would be pretty evident this isn’t the case.

    I am eligible to be a Son of the American Revolution by several genealogical lines. I have great-great-grandfathers who fought on either side of the War Between the States. I’m about as American as you can get.

    Liberal drivel?

    “…uses the same race baiting techniques.”

    “I guess its true that there is no shaming a Bush Republican.”

    ” The Bush Republicans have been using racism and fear for thirty years and it would be naive to expect the Bush Republicans to act like human beings now.”

    That’s just some examples from you.

  32. Duke Says:

    Barak Obama is related to the current Vice President of the United States but you deemed it possible to consider him less than American.

    Are you denying that the Bush campaign made push poll calls in South Carolina saying that John McCain had a black daughter?

    Are you denying that the Bush Republicans said that if Democrats were elected we would suffer terrorist attacks? (much like the ones the Bush Administration allowed on 9/11)

    Are you denying that the Bush Republicans attacked the war hero of a veteran with multiple Purple Hearts?

    Are you, in fact, denying the southern strategy developed by Kevin Phillips and perfected by George H. W. Bush while he was head of the RNC?

    Or are you reality challenged like the rest of the Bush Republican Party?

    I’m confused…which current candidate signed a confession that alleged the US was guilty of war crimes in Vietnam? Be careful how you answer or prepare to release Mohammed Atta.

  33. sol Says:

    I don’t recall anywhere that I deemed it possible to consider Obama less that American.

    I am familiar with the South Carolina primary allegations.

    I don’t think the Southern Strategy was developed by Kevin Phillips – I think he was the first to make it work, though I don’t think you can call Nixon a “Bush Republican”, owing to the chronological problem there. I’ve never seen it alleged that GHWB perfected it. After all, he was chair of the RNC during the Watergate scandal. He did not become chariman until 1973 and resigned before the 1974 mid-term elections, when Ford appointed Mary Louise Smith to replace him.

    I am also not denying that it was Ken Mehlman, RNC chair and Bush’s 2004 campaign director who repudiated the Southern Strategy.

    What’s your point about McCain’s confession? Why do I have to be careful how I answer? Does being a Republican mean that I agree with current Administration policy with regard to Gitmo?

    I couldn’t release Mohammed Atta if I wanted to. Nobody can. He’s dead. AA Flight 11. Remember?

  34. Advocatus Diaboli Says:

    First, let me say that yes, I’m “late to the party.” However, the drivel your “friend” pretends to have written is still timely, since people like you apparently still believe that any of those “questions” not been answered. You and “your friend” should turn off Rush Limbaugh and get outside. Go to the library, read a newspaper other than the National Enquirer, oh, I don’t know, maybe use some common sense.

    I am so sick of people like you and your “friend” repeating falsehoods that have been debunked thousands of times. After doing some research, if you or your “friend” still can’t answer all of the “questions” in your post, let me know: I’d be happy to go through them with you one by one, and I promise to provide links and to not use big words.

  35. Duke Says:

    In order for Ken Mehlman to repudiate the Southern Stratgey it had to be in use at one point. Plus he got fired so now the Southern Strategy is back in play.

    And according to Kevin Phillips and Pat Buchanon, Kevin Phillips used the Southern Strategy and came up with it.

  36. Duke Says:

    As for Nixon being a Bush Republican…discover who recruited Nixon into politics in the first place, padowon, and then you will begin to find true knowledge.

  37. sol Says:

    I’m not denying the existence or use of the Southern Strategy, having been involved in GOP politics since long before national leaders repudiated it. But this doesn’t mean that all, or even most, Republicans are racist. In fact, you could argue that Republicans used the racist tendencies of otherwise Democratic voters to swing them.

    Since I have always accepted the story that Nixon was recruited to run for Congress by local people in Whittier, California, you will have to tell me secret truth. A connection with the Bush family will be interesting, since Prescott Bush was sworn in as a US Senator the day after Richard Nixon was elected Vice President.

  38. Duke Says:

    I don’t have to say that Bush Republicans use racism to win elections because you just did.

  39. ABitC Says:

    Your friend Greg is an idiot and a spammer.

    Tell him to use the wonders of Google to provide himself with some answers, instead of spamming the world with his lazy questioning on subjects that are overly documented already.

  40. ProudAmerican Says:


    You still have not proved that you’re not Belgian.

    Why should anyone listen to a word you have to say when it’s possible that you’re Belgian?

    Awaiting proof,

  41. sol Says:

    Your name notwithstanding, there’s nothing to prove you are either Proud or American. You are just as likely to be Lithuanian.

    Are you so bored that you find a thread over four months old to make a nonsensical comment?

  42. Mary Says:

    Oh, the things I’ve missed while I have been out of my mind…

  43. sol Says:

    Clearly you haven’t been the only out of your mind. At least you get it back. Some people keep leaving nonsensical comments and finally have to be marked as spam.

  44. Michael Says:

    Sol, you’ve been accused of lots of things, but, being Belgian? That takes the cake!

  45. sol Says:

    Bizarre as it is, this person has become a troll and I’ve had to delete his further comments.

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