The Rising Tide of Death

It’s time once again to reveal the latest status of the geno-suicide of abortion in this country. How many of our own did we kill last year? In England and Wales there were 198,500. That does not include those discarded with the Morning After pill.

That really wasn’t the big news though. The overall number goes up every year. This year it was a 2.5% rise.

The biggest rise is in the number of abortions procured by under-14s. This has increased by 21% over the last two years. At the same time, the overall teen pregnancy rate has fallen slightly, so in real terms this is an even higher percentage of babies otherwise protected in the wombs of younger mothers now being snuffed out.

The killing goes on unabated.


One Response to “The Rising Tide of Death”

  1. Margi Says:

    Well, you see, the poor wee things are bored. According to a magazine article I read recently kids are having sex because entertainments are too expensive. I blame the teachers myself, they should give them more homework! :-p

    And speaking of the nanny state there was some daft bint on the wireless insisting that no woman would EVER have an abortion as a form of contraceptive so if someone was coming back for her third or forth there were obviously issues in her life that should be explored with therapy. At the taxpayers’ expense of course.

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