Making Space for Religion

It’s not often that you see something positive in the interaction between religion and the state these days. I was surprised to see that Barnet Council in North London is introducing a special parking permit for religious leaders on official business. Parking in any part of London can be a nightmare and when space can be found, fees can be outrageous.

In many areas residential parking is restricted to residents. For those making house calls this can be particularly problematic. The new permit will allow priests and other Christian ministers as well as Rabbis and spiritual leaders of other religions to park in resident spaces.

As you can imagine, parking for worship services can also difficult in some areas. Barnet Council will consider applications for the special permits for these situations.

The permits will cost £40 per year, but compared to the normal parking costs combined with the increased availability of spaces, these seems like a pretty good deal.

2 Responses to “Making Space for Religion”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Is there a fee for residents to park?
    I don’t think I’d be too happy to come home after a dismal day at The Grind, only to have to circle like a stacked 737 at O’Hare because my space was occupied by a car w/a clergy sticker on it…

  2. dovesandpomegranates Says:

    I wouldn’t mind as long as it wasn’t an imam. If it was I’d have to get my dog to wee on it. On second thoughts I don’t have a dog, do Muslims hate cats? There’s a ridiculous article in today’s Metro about Dundee police using an alsation puppy (trainee police dog) on their posters and offending Muslims so much they wouldn’t put the poster in their shops. The police have since apologised.

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