Right to Commit Crime

The Bristol City Council wants to cut the overgrown bushes around the Avon Gorge. Seems simple enough.

Well of course it’s not, or I wouldn’t be mentioning it. If the Council cuts the bushes back, they will be discriminating against people engaging in illegal outdoor sex. That’s right. I’m not making it up. You can’t discriminate against criminals. They might not feel comfortable committing their crimes in the open and that’s just not fair!

The Council has had to consult with various gay rights groups to make sure any horticultural maintenance in the area is done with great sensitivity. Apparently one of the gay rights is the right to break the law and have sex in public without fear of recrimination, not to mention discrimination.

The is the same area where firefighters shined their flashlights into the bushes last year. Because their actions disturbed a group of men having sex, the firefighters were fined, at least one was demoted, and they were transferred to other stations.


2 Responses to “Right to Commit Crime”

  1. dovesandpomegranates Says:

    Well, being as gay as a daisy myself, I still think people who have sex in public places need named and shamed. I’m all in favour of reviving the Scarlet Letter idea for everyone – male, female, gay, straight, dogger, whatever who can’t keep their panties on outside of the bedroom. The LAST thing I want out walking my imaginary dog is to come upon two or more people in flagrante whatever it is. It’s bad enough that one has to sidestep needles, condoms and tampons and, presumably, put wellies on said dog incase Muslims should also want to take the same leafy path without finding a couple of blokes doing unimaginable things in the rhodendrons.

  2. Paul Says:

    While agreeing with those comments, I would like to point out that there was absolutely no truth in this story. Bristol Council have put out press releases and apologies to all members of their gay group concerned. I am not involved in the matter at all, I am just one blogger who did not beleive the original story and was not surprised when it emerged that the whole thing was untrue. See http://gactupdate.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/gay-activist-the-only-gay-blog-which-did-not-fall-for-a-load-of-old-codswallop-about-bristol/

    Best wishes, Paul

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