Prayer Request Updated

I’ve known for some time that my father has prostate cancer. The cancer as not spread and there is a good chance of a full recovery.

However, I learned this afternoon that thanks to the very thorough examinations, blood work, x-rays, CAT scans, and a colonoscopy at one of the top cancer hospitals in the world, it has been discovered that he has colon cancer. It is pathologically unrelated to the prostate cancer. However, it is only because of the one that they caught the other.

He will be undergoing surgery on his colon on Thursday. The doctors are hopeful that they will get it all without the need for chemotherapy. Your prayers are solicited.


Due to some bleeding, the surgery has been moved up to Tuesday in the early afternoon CDT (early evening BST).

6 Responses to “Prayer Request Updated

  1. Michael Says:

    Will be praying.

  2. EncompassedRunner Says:

    Don’t know ya, but am praying.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Will also be praying

  4. dovesandpomegranates Says:

    I will pray for him. It’s almost a year since my father phoned me to tell me he had lung cancer. I am glad it is early enough for them to be optimistic about surgery – that is good.


  5. debd Says:

    Prayers here as well.

  6. Mary Says:


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