School’s Out For Summer

Well, as far as the pupils are concerned.

I have to go back tomorrow for a few hours. I need to make an appearance at least. I can’t actually do anything in my room, because it is being used for a first aid course all day.

Because the Unnamed Woman had to go out of town today, I had to get a ride to school today with a colleague who also lives in Hooterville. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take me all the way home – something I didn’t know until she was about to drop me off on the opposite side of the city. All of a sudden I was stranded some miles from home. It is a good thing I didn’t bring my usual bags with me today and only had my lunch box.

I had to walk for a mile to get to a cashpoint so I could get money for a taxi. I’ve checked the route on Google maps to confirm this. Not bad for a disabled person with significant mobility limitations. It was another 1.7 miles to my house. The taxi cost me £7, about as much as it costs me to commute all the way to work and back each day. It took me nearly an hour from the time I was dropped off until I got home.


3 Responses to “School’s Out For Summer”

  1. teach Says:

    Next time stay home. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Our school was closed Weds and Thurs due to both the Support and Catering Staff belonging to Unison/Unite unions and taking part in the strike action in Wales.

    Were none of the schools in Hooterville affected ?
    We have four primaries and one comprehensive here in Blogsville, and only one primary remained open. Back to school today for the last day of term !

  3. sol Says:

    I don’t know if there were any schools closed here, since I teach across the border now. I don’t think we had anyone on strike at our school. The lunchroom was serving as usual – in fact, I even got a larger than usual portion of roast chicken on Thursday.

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