Matters of National Insecurity

The Government is actively and admittedly planning the ultimate in surveillance on the British population. You could call it the Mother of all Big Brothers. Gordon Brown wants the Government to keep a database of every email, phone call and all time spent on the internet. After all, innocent people have nothing to hide. The Government just wants to be able to keep tabs on your innocence.

Sure it’s a lot of personal information, but if you can’t trust the Government, who can you trust? After all, the Government is only here to look after us and protect us. And where else could your information be more safe?

Take the Ministry of Defence, for example. They tell us it is just a fluke that 658 laptops were stolen between 2004 and 2007. That’s in addition to the 89 that have just been lost. But hey, they have recovered 32 of these. Up until a few weeks ago, the MoD only acknowledged that 347 laptops had been stolen. Seems there were “anomalies in the reporting process” that kept ministers from knowing that another 311 had been taken. A significant number of these laptops contained, as you might suspect, secret information vital to national security.

But the MoD doesn’t just keep information on the hard drives of its laptops. No, this the era of the USB memory stick. They have had 131 of these lost or stolen, but just like the laptops, they can’t even say when or where. They do know that some of the sticks also had classified information on them.

Yet in the midst of admitting all of this – and given that the British government never likes to admit anything, just think of what breaches of security and carelessness with data lie unknown that this point – they dismiss out of hand any attempt by opposition parties to hold them accountable and insist they must have more and more data about every single person.  It beggars belief.

There has never been a government in this country – at least in modern times – to have such complete disregard for the people they govern.

3 Responses to “Matters of National Insecurity”

  1. EncompassedRunner Says:

    Wow! I’m over the ocean in Florida, USA. (Found your blog because of your “Mugabe’s Friends” article being sent to me by my subscribing to Google Alerts for Mugabe.) Anyway, over here some of us have been flipping out over legislation (called FISA) re: increased surveillance of public communications–but our concerns are nothing compared to what you’re facing. Incredible.

  2. sol Says:

    I’m glad you found my blog. As an American ex pat, I have at least as many readers in the US as in the UK.

    The problem in the UK is not just that the Government has always been less trusting of the people, but that the people are altogether too trusting of the Government. There is far too much of a sheep mentality here.

    But beyond that, this present Government has acted with a level of disregard far beyond previous administrations. There have been countless indescretions that would have forced ministerial resignations in the past. The previous and present Prime Ministers and their cabinet colleagues openly have no sense of accountability.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    The battle cry of the Bubba NASCAR class over here is “If you ain’t got nothin’ to hide, why worry?”
    We have NASCAR and cable TV for our Bread and Circuses, what does Gordo use on the British folk?

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