Fatwa Rules Paedophilia Preferable to Christianity

Following up on the the previous story, I was looking to see what other WordPress bloggers might have said about the kidnapping, forced conversion and forced marriage of the Younis sisters. That’s where I found Blogging for a free world referring to information from Minorities Concern of Pakistan.

Even though the legal marriage age in Pakistan is 16 for females, this was negated by a fatwa – a decree issued by religious leaders – which justified it. It was worth it to them that the girls be kidnapped, sold as property, and then sexually abused in order to effect their conversion to Islam.

Reports indicate exactly what has happened to Saba Younis, the elder sister. After Muhammad Arif Bajwa kidnapped the girls at gunpoint, he sold them to Falak Sher Gill. Gill then gave Saba to his son, Muhammad Amjid. To whom Anila has been given seems to be unknown at this point.

In contravention of the statutory law, a Pakistani court has previously approved of the marriage of a 12-year-old because it ruled that Islam allows a female to marry if she has reached puberty. However, in that case it appears that the girl wanted to marry. Of course in that case, both parties were Muslim.

It now appears that special rules apply if the girl is a Christian and doesn’t consent. Puberty need not be an issue.

Remember to file this under “All religions and cultures are equal.”

2 Responses to “Fatwa Rules Paedophilia Preferable to Christianity”

  1. blogfreeworld Says:

    Thanks for the link.
    And no, of course, ALL cultures are not equal… but that’s something much more politically correct to say.
    What worries me is that these news have so little publicity when there are people asking for Sharia Law to be introduced in Europe.

  2. Empangan Emas Says:

    Okay, first of all, Islam is clear on the matters of the freedom of religion.

    The Quran says “Let there be no compulsion in the matters of religion.”

    Again ” Let him who believe in the message, believe, and let him who does not believe, reject it.”

    And ” Your duty is only to convey the message”.

    And these are only three of many.

    What is happening in Pakistan has to be measured by what Islam says. Muslims are to be judged by Islam, not the other way around.

    If forced religious conversion is part of Islam’s teachings, then kindly explained why Spain, after 800 years of being ruled by Muslims, was still predominately Christian when it reverted to Catholic rule. The Balkans had been under Muslim rule for about 500 years and except for the Bosniaks and Albanians, most of the peoples in this region are still Christian.

    India was ruled by Muslims over 1000 years and by the time Muslim rule ended, India was still predominately Hindu.

    And don’t forget how when the Spanish Jews, who had been forced to convert to Christianity in Spain, reached the shores of the Ottoman Empire they openly announced their reversion to Judaism.

    If forced religious conversions is taught by Islam, there would have never been Christians in Spain to take it back, there would be no Christians in the Balkans and for 1000 years worth of rule, there would be no Hindus in India.

    The teachings of Islam in this matter is clear and history support that.

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