My father has had the results back from his colon cancer surgery. Unfortunately, cancer was found in two of the lymph nodes taken out with most of the right side of his colon. This means chemotherapy.

He is still very upbeat. I’m considering going to the States for part of the summer holidays, though I don’t know that I will be of an particular help.

Your continued prayers are appreciated.

3 Responses to “Results”

  1. EncompassedRunner Says:

    Grrrr. Will continue praying. My mother went through chemo for her stage 4 ovarian cancer, she never complained but I could tell it was tough–yet it’s been over 10 cancer free years since then.

  2. Laura Says:

    Lord have mercy…I’ll be praying!

  3. Mary Says:

    Both of my parents suffered through chemo and my mother died of its effects rather than her cancer. Lord have mercy indeed. Please ask him to consider his options carefully. Prayers continue.

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