Country Music Goes PC

As I have mentioned before, I’m a big fan of country music artist Taylor Swift. I may not fit her target demographic, but clearly she has a broad enough fan base to be the only female artist in the history of the Billboard country charts to have five consecutive Top 10 singles from a debut album.

I was pleased to learn that she got her high school diploma through a Christian homeschooling organisation. Families have to agree with Aaron Academy’s statement of faith. I’m guessing that means Taylor and her family are Christians.

I acquired a copy of the available-only-at-Wal-mart EP Beautiful Eyes. Since we have no Country radio in this country, I had never heard the radio mix of “Picture to Burn”. I was disappointed that the PC lobby apparently got to her record company. The lyrics originally said:

So go and tell your friends
That I’m obsessive and crazy,
That’s fine
I’ll tell mine
You’re gay,
And by the way,

Now the last part says:

That’s fine,
you won’t mind
if I say

The thing is that the original lyrics weren’t even offensive gay listeners, if the 90 comments on the 9513 blog are any indication. It’s only politically correct straight people who couldn’t get the context and the usage. The original lyric is about retaliation and fighting fire with fire. (Not exactly turn the other cheek stuff, but when have you ever known an offended young woman to thinkabout that when it comes to lying ex-boyfriends?) The new lyric makes no sense.

A perfectly good lyric has been sacrificed for the sake of a group who don’t even care.

12 Responses to “Country Music Goes PC”

  1. Duke Says:

    Fighting fire with fire? Did a gun man shoot up a church looking for right wingers? Was Matthew Shepherd beaten and killed because he reads the bible? How is saying you are “obsessed” and saying you are gay equal?

    And which are you by the way?

  2. sol Says:

    I take it you’re not a big Country Music fan. If you are familiar with the song, you know that it’s about teens breaking up and the things they say to get back at each other.

    Therefore comparing Taylor Swift with Jim Adkisson, Russell Henderson, or Aaron McKinney is just a bizarre. Not surprising from the left, I suppose, but nonetheless bizzare.

    I’m neither, by the way.

  3. Duke Says:

    Hmmm..nteresting misunderstanding.

    I was commenting on what you posted not the song. I didn’t compare Taylor Swift to anyone. To call someone gay can have drastic consequences so it is not fighting fire with fire. Your other comments just show your bigotry.

    I am not of the “left”. I am a Liberal. Liberals are not Leftists. Just ask a Leftist if you don’t belive me.

    And by the way, the earth is much older than 6,000 years, hell John McCain is almost that old.

  4. sol Says:

    I think you are an example of the exactly what I was commenting about. In some other context, calling someone “gay” might have different consequences. In the context of the scenario developed in the lyrics of that song, they don’t.

    If by bigotry you mean that I am opposed to treating people as a special interest group or protected class because of their sexual proclivities, you are correct.

    From where I am you are left. There may be a lot of left to the left of you, but as a Liberal you are still left.

    I’m not sure what the matter of Young Earth Creationism has to do with any of this. I tend toward an Old Earth view, but I’m not dogmatic about it.

  5. Duke Says:

    By bigotry I mean that you do not listen to what people say but listen to who says it. If a liberal told you it was raining you would refuse to wear a hat. If a Bush Republican told you that tax cuts for the wealthy were good for the poor you would believe it contrary to all existing evidence. That is what I meant by bigotry. (In actual fact you do want to treat people as special based on sexual proclivities, which is why you want only heterosexuals to have the advantages of marriage. You consider heterosexuals to be a special protected class)

    As for me being left “from where you sit”…there is an objective reality. Where you sit does not change reality. There are no leftists in the United States. There have not been since the 60s. Liberals are moderates and that is an actual fact of the landscape.

  6. sol Says:

    Just because I am not a liberal and opposed to most of the views espoused by most liberals, I am happy to analyse views on public policy from wherever they originate.

    Thus, I don’t need Bush Republicans to tell me what sort of tax cuts have what sort of effect. I think graduated income tax is inherently wrong. I think any sort of death taxes are inherently wrong. I think this not because of any political party affiliation, but rather for (and this will horrify you even more) theological reasons.

    I do not consider heterosexuals to be a protected class. As you said, there is objective reality. The reality is that marriage is an institution which transcends politics, governments, and nations. It is the fundamental human institution for the propagation of the species and that which distinguishes us from animals in our sexuality, even if we do see in nature some species which mate for life – invariably heterosexually. The emotional committment of homosexuals, however permanent and devoted, is objectively not marriage.

    This is much more an objective reality than calling a set of political view “right” or “left”. This is merely one model of comparing political views which (I’m sure you are aware) has it’s origins in seating in the Estates-General prior to the French Revolution. It is sometimes a useful model, it is entirely possible to describe one’s general place along that spectrum and refer to those who are perceived to be to the right or left of that position.

    That spectrum also varies from time to time and country to country. For example, views on many issues that those within the American political framework would consider mainstream conservative wouldn’t even register with conservatives in the UK. Likewise, what most Brits would consider to be to the left would be off the American scale.

    The views of liberals in the US would be considered very moderate in the UK. But within the current American political spectum, you are on the left.

  7. Duke Says:

    What religion speaks about tax cuts for the wealthy?

    I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not but people have babies whether or not they are married and get married and don’t have children. Marriage is a business contract that deals with shared assets.

  8. sol Says:

    Christianity and Judaism say, “You shall not covet.” Graduated taxation is simply an expression of the politics of envy. Since that taxation should not have been there in the first place, it is simply a matter of returning things to the way they should have been in the first place. If taxes have been improperly imposed upon anyone, as an expression of resentment on the part of the have-nots toward the haves, then they should be rescinded. Rescinding improper taxation, thereby reducing the tax burden, could also be seen as a tax cut.

    You are very correct that people have babies whether they are married or not. Not only that, this tendency has been increasing in the US and especially in Europe. Not everyone thinks this is a good thing.

    Marriage predates the idea of a business contract or the concept of shared assets. This theory of marriage is a result of the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment.

  9. Duke Says:

    You are wrong on so many levels.

    Coveting does not refer to taxes and even if it did the founding fathers were rather NOT using the bible as a guide since the majority of cammandments are unconstitutional.

    Europe has a much lower incidence of teen pregnancy as well as a lower birth rate than the US.

  10. John of Indiana Says:

    This Duke fellow gives the rest of us Liberals a bad taste in other people’s mouths. Duke, I have NO idea whatsoever who it was that urinated in your Wheaties this morning, but I severely doubt it was Sol.

    I have no idea what my ex Nr. 2 told her friends, even though I found out ex Nr. 1 told my friends that I beat her. Not fun when you have ex-Marines and Cops in your posse of newly-ex-friends…

    I told my friends that Nr. 2 was gay, not out of spite and snarkiness, but because she *IS* gay.

  11. sol Says:

    Thanks for the kind remarks from our Resident (or at least frequently visiting) Liberal, John, whose presence is evidence that I have plenty of time for those of other political persuasions.

    Duke, coveting does refer to taxation when that taxation is motivated by wanting something that belongs to someone else. The actual act of unjust taxation falls under that other commandment, “You shall not steal.” Graduated taxation is based upon the premise that a rich man’s dollar is less valuable to him than is a poor man’s dollar. It is stealing from the rich to give to the poor, which looks all noble when framed in it the context of romantic medieval tales, but is stealing nonetheless.

    Christianity (and Judaism for that matter) teaches that the poor should be cared for out of the generosity of those more fortunate. Giving is different than having it taken.

    The idea that the original commandments are unconstitutional (as least as far as the founding father’s original intent it concerned) is a new one. I’ve never heard that one before – maybe I haven’t heard enough liberalism to have picked up on that one. So to behave lawfully, must one strive to break all of them as often as possible?

  12. Margi Says:

    Politically correct straight people are a menace. When I was a student I refused to be recruited for “the cause” and the recruiters understood but the straight people, who seemed in some bizarre way to validate themselves by identifying with gay people, freaked. Same when I met the one person I loved and he happened to be male, most of my gay friends understood and it was the straight people who shunned me. Same thing happens with racism, I think. It’s as if straight, white people have no anchors of their own, are ashamed of what they are, and have to latch on to other people’s causes and campaigns to hook into reality. No, that’s unfair, how about straight, white, lefties? Personally I don’t care if people are gay, straight, black, white, Asian, sane, insane, badly dressed, talk to themselves, voted for Tony (or George), eat peas with their knife or read the Daily Mail but drippy lefties who identify with anything and everything except their own irritate me half to death. I don’t normally use bad language, indeed for 20 odd years now I have been the Grand Duchess of the Inventive Euphemism, but there are times I want to ask, “Why don’t you toddle the f*** off and find something useful to do? Are there no ditches need digging where you come from?”

    As for “there are no leftists in the United States”, well, I grew up in an old-fashioned socialist family in Scotland, men who worked largely in heavy industry, miners and shipbuilders and such, and they believed in personal and fiscal responsibility. As a young woman I joined what I believed was their Labour Party and found a coterie of whiners, partly effete and partly ignorami, whose fathers had worked themselves to death in the pits but who, disgracing those men who hewed coal all day and discussed Shaw and Bevan at night, hadn’t bothered to learn to speak decent English. I went to America. I learned working-class right-wing politics in America and I also learned to recognise the whining, wailing, hand-wringing, excuse-making, politically correct Brownie pack who make up most of America’s Democrats. And who are recognisably the genetic precursors of our current Labour Party, ie, a gruesome combination of the privileged and those who have all they need for where they are going. Neither benefits the honest working man or woman whether in the US or the UK.

    And I am sad to hear this nonsense has affected country music. I like country music. I like lawyers, guns and money. I like blue eyes crying in the rain. I like the honest, schmaltzy, pathos of country music. I like two pina coladas, one for each hand. I like comparing men to shoes. I like listening to some poor sod singing about how his girl and his dog left him. I even like ‘Homo Truck Drivin’ Man’ 😉

    As for the poor, if they’d stop claiming welfare, smoking, buying illicit drugs and collecting kiddies as momentos from their boyfriends, they wouldn’t be poor. As awful as it is to say at 44 most of my career has been spent as a district nurse in the UK and most of the so-called poor I have met have been poor because they have bought into welfare culture. Enforced (temporary) sterilisation between 12 and 22 would be a wonderous thing for huge segments of the British population.

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