Not British Enough

I have to follow up on the previous post with this story I saw in the Mail on Sunday. I thought it was bad enough that I have lived here for nine years and have to pay £655 to become a citizen. Keir Hardie is an ex-Marine who has lived here for 52 years – since he was three years old. He’s also been a policeman, a fireman, and even a town councillor. He now works for the NHS.

Now he’s facing departation because he was born in Canada and never officially got indefinite leave to remain. The fee for that is £750, plus he has to take the Life in Britain exam as well.

Because his British grandfather was serving in the Army in India when his father was born, he has to produce his grandfather’s birth and wedding certificates, even though they have long been lost, as they were issued a century ago. Otherwise he will be deported. To Turkey.

That’s right. He’s a Canadian citizen who has lived in the UK for over 50 years and the Government wants to deport him to Turkey. His only connection to Turkey is that he last entered the UK returning from a holiday there. I suppose that, jobless for the first time in his adult life, he could eventually make his way to Canada, though it has probably changed a bit since he was three years old.

6 Responses to “Not British Enough”

  1. Duke Says:

    Sounds like a solid right wing immigration plan they have there. Enough to make Lou Dobbs proud.

  2. sol Says:

    Perhaps you would find that we don’t disagree so much when it comes to matters of immigration policy.

  3. Duke Says:

    When it comes to immigration I agree with Adam Smith, the economist, who said there can be no free market without free movement of labor.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    This is both appalling and utterly barking mad.

    Roll on the next General Election…….

  5. Margi Says:

    Bizarre things like this crop up often enough to have very little to do with which colour occupies the front bench. Until we get rid of the awful levelling mentality heavily subscribed to by both Blue and Red, we will be beset by this kind of nonsense. We no longer employ people capable of making decision but victims of the “higher” education sausage mill, we are in a situation where the most ignorant little chavs, people who couldn’t make a sensible analysis of Jack & Jill, are allowed to form policy. Anyone who has worked in the NHS knows this. When I was a young woman (back in the Ark at the Gomorrah College of Nursing – Mrs Noah and I helped starch eachother’s pinnies) nursing was a profession for decent, sensible women, now any daft wee trollop with a vocabularly of around 350 gets in; same with managers. I have no doubt that the rest of the government and the civil service is the same. The Morlocks are running the world and in a few years they will start eating the rest of us.

  6. David W Webster Says:

    Fear not guid folk, – I’ve located all the relevant certificates, which have been ordered from GROS Edinburgh for Keir.

    Believe it or not, Keir had previously been advised to contact the authorities in Katmandu in order to track down the record of his father’s birth; when, all the time, it’s been sitting there in Edinburgh, as part of the Service Returns!.

    As regards a birth in India to Scottish parents, the army made quarterly returns to the General Register Office in London, who then forwarded the info as appropriate to the Registrars General in Edinburgh and Dublin/Belfast (1926 ‘n’ all that ! (g).

    In this case Keir’s father’s birth is clearly registered in Edinburgh as being the birth to a Scottish couple, so just where the problem is for the Home Office in London, I’m at a complete loss to understand.



    David W Webster FSA Scot

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