Women Bishops May Be Beating Their Husbands

In an appropraite follow up to the previous blog post, the Ministry of Justice is reporting that the number of arrests for violence carried out by women has doubled since 2003. Violence now accounts for 35% of arrests and is the most common category of crime committed by women.

By these statistics, there are the equivalent of 240 violent attacks by women in the UK each day. But this really doesn’t tell the whole story, especially when it comes to domestic violence. According to a report prepared for GMTV,

British police attend 75,000 domestic violence cases a year where men are the victim although this could be at least half the real figure as surveys show 50% of men haven’t called the police when attacked, putting the figure to 150,000 a year or more.

Since there are no women bishops in the UK yet, we can’t ascribe any of these attacks to them.  After all, we are in a place where it is culturally acceptable for women to beat people.

In the US 3.2 million men each year are the victims of domestic violence. This sounds like it’s a place where it is culturally acceptable to beat your husband. Using the logic of Catherine Roskam, chances are there are some women bishops who beat their husbands.

2 Responses to “Women Bishops May Be Beating Their Husbands”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    That figure from the US is a bit of a flier, Sol.
    We don’t have women who batter men over here, oh, no, what we have are men who beat their wives about the knuckles of her fists with their faces…
    Just ask any misanthropically-indoctrinated US Social Worker…

  2. marguerite Says:

    It’s about a year or 18 months since the C of E suggested that the whole idea of marriage encouraged domestic violence. Of course it meant husbands beating wives but, well, if you will marry, what do you expect? Shacking up is so much safer. My recommendation is that women bishops stop marrying men and shack up with spikey-haired, flat-chested dykes who will defend themselves with baseball bats and pretty quickly rid the world of women bishops.

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