The Need to Know Everything

Do we need another scary Big Brother story? Probably not, but the Government just keeps throwing them out there for us.

As reported in the Daily Telegraph, the UK Government is accessing one million travel record each month.

The data is handed over to the Home Office through the e-Borders programme.

It includes personal information like name, address, itinerary, meal preference, sex, detail of travel companions and credit card numbers.

The Home Office admitted it had collected this level of detail on 54 million people since the launch of e-Borders in January 2005.

Why do they need all this information? It is ostensibly to fight crime. But who goes through all this information? How many civil servants does it take to process this amont of data?

And who exactly then has access to all this data?  After they lost the bank details of 25 million families, what are they doing keeping the credit card details of 54 million people?

And why do they need to know the meal preferences of every traveller? Do terrorists choose certain meal options?

No, the Government is sending a message. If you have committed a crime in any way, they will catch you. They will even catch if you are someone who might act in some way like someone who might think of committing a crime. That is enough to make you an enemy of the State. Perhaps eventually all of the people who choose chicken can pass through customs and those who choose beef will be stopped and strip searched.

I know you must be thinking that we are joking when Brits tell you that this is what passes for Government in this country. Judges are ordered to not give burglars jail time so they can have a place to put all of he people they can trap through non-stop, ever more invasive surveillance.

6 Responses to “The Need to Know Everything”

  1. John of Indiana Says:

    Perhaps they collect the names of all who order Halal food on their travels for future transport to former SoD Rumsferatu’s Happy Camp in Cuba?

    Hmmm… “SoD”=Secretary of Defense.
    Of course, IMO the term in another connotation fits the Evil One well.

  2. sol Says:

    I was thinking they need the information so they know who to give a free pass through security. After all, no one wants to be accused of racial or religious profiling.

    It was interesting to note in my recent air travel to the US, how much more thorough the US TSA was on an internal flight than the Brits were on an international flight, particularly with someone having my particular physical limitations. And you already know the TSAs aren’t the brightest.

  3. John of Indiana Says:

    “And you already know the TSAs aren’t the brightest.”

    You said a MOUTHFUL! They’re like Physical Services at PU. Literacy is optional…

  4. marguerite Says:

    The mind fairly boggles. I was talking to a more than averagely garrulous taxi driver the other week who told me that he had overheard a conversation about sensors in the road that would read every bar code in a vehicle. Once upon a time I would have laughed at that, today I’m not so sure it’s funny.

  5. sol Says:

    The idea of sensors in the road has been discussed at length in the broadsheets.

  6. John of Indiana Says:

    Time to dust off those old “Maxx Headroom” DVD’s and study up on “Blanks”

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